Study Abroad

Greece: Regional Area Study (Fall 2007/2008)



Program Focus: Classical/Religious Studies

Prerequisite Courses: Minimum of 2.75 GPA

CLAS 398 Ancient Greek Religion: Greece, Spring 2007 Orientation Program

Application Deadline:

Program Design:

Study and travel will focus on the history and culture of Greece from the Classical Period to the Byzantine Era. Based in Athens and the island of Lesbos, the program will include extensive excursions to archaeological sites important for understanding the ancient Mediterranean world (including travel into western Turkey)

Requirements Fulfilled:

Fulfills the 8-credit international studies general education requirement and at least two courses for the Classics Minor and one for the Religious Studies Major or Minor.


4 courses per semester/16 credits

IS 241: Contemporary Greek Culture (4 credits):

Offered over the course of the semester in Athens and on Lesbos the course provides insight into important contemporary social, cultural, political, economic, and demographic issues in Greece.

CLAS 298: Aegean and Ancient Greek Art and Archaeology

Provides exposure to archaeological theory, method, and practice as it applies to the study of ancient Greece from the Classical Period to the Byzantine Era. Extensive field study through travel to archaeological sites

RELS 298: Power, State, and Religion: A History of Byzantium

Provides a history of the Byzantine Era with special emphasis on the interplay between the state, the Eastern Christian tradition, and the uses and abuses of power in the period.

CLAS 398: Attic Tragedy

Provides an in-depth study of the development of Classical Greek drama with special attention to tragedy.

Program Comments:

As an augment to the Lewis & Clark Classical Studies Minor the program provides students with the opportunity to experience the ancient Mediterranean world in ways on-campus faculty and programming cannot offer. A course on archaeology ensures student exposure to one of the key dimensions of Classical Studies; the course on the Byzantine world brings students into contact with a part of the ancient world left uncovered in the on-campus curriculum, yet an integral part of a broad Classical Studies program; the Greek drama course immerses students in one of the central “practices” of Classical antiquity; and the general culture course places the historical content of the program in its contemporary context.

The Athens portion of the program (September, November to end of semester) will use the recently-constructed (2005), state-of-the-art facilities of College Year in Athens as a home base for courses, library resources, computer labs, and orientation and support. The Lesbos portion of the program (October) will be based in a seaside hotel in the village of Thermi and rely on instructional assistance from the University of the Aegean. The Lesbos sojourn will include an extended trip into western Turkey to visit the sites of Troy, Assos, Pergamum, and Ephesus.

Passport Details:

During the early portion of the semester prior to departure, you will be required to submit your passport to the Overseas Office. Your passport will be returned to you just prior to your departure. If you plan to use your passport to travel during this time frame, please make an appointment with the Overseas Office immediately to discuss the process for obtaining a visa.

Please make sure your passport is valid for 6 months BEYOND the end of your program (February 2008). If it expires before then, please renew it as soon as possible to avoid expediting fees.

Passport Services and Information: Please visit Passport Services or

University Station Post Office, 1505 SW 6th Street, Portland.

Passport photos (6 required):

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Please make an appointment with the student health services center to get an updated list of immunizations that are recommended or mandatory for this program.


Students are underwritten and insured by The TIG Insurance Company, an affiliate of USI Insurance Services Corporation. Program insurance is mandatory and included in the comprehensive fee.

International Student Identity Card:

The card may be purchased at our office. Please check with our office for price. It may be required if you are traveling with the flight arrangements offered through this office.

Fees To Plan For:

Fees for the following items are not included in the comprehensive program fee:

Passport fees

Required photographs

Visa fees

International Student Identity Card

Immunizations and health exams


Transportation to city of departure

Program Leader:

Rob Kugler