Free Time

Studentenstadt Siteseeing and Recreation in Munich
Munich has a variety of free time activities to suit anyone’s tastes. In addition to 42 theaters, 65 museums, collections and galleries, two opera houses and 56 movie theaters, Munich also offers delectable dinners at a wide range of restaurants and a colorful night life. Sport fans can look forward to celebrating both of Munich’s first league soccer teams; FC Bayern München being one of the best teams in the world. The Olympic Stadium at the Olymic Park is definitely worth a visit.You will receive a brochure from us with an overview of everything the city of Munich has to offer, but we are also happy to hand out advice and suggestions about how to make the most of you time in Munich. Don’t hesitate to ask!

The Stammtisch meets regularly - either in a cozy pub in Schwabing or the University district, or outside at one of the many beer gardens. This is always the most popular way to relax, drink a beer, speak German and get to know one another better.

Games and Sport
On one afternoon a week we would like to offer the opportunity and encourage all to join in ball game or sport of some kind at the Studentenstadt.