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World Languages

Majoring and Minoring

For complete information about majoring and minoring, see the online catalog.

Students choose a primary and a secondary language. The major requires a minimum of 32 credits (16 in the primary language, 12 in the secondary language, and 4 in linguistics).

  • FL 240 Introduction to Linguistics
Primary Language
  • Four upper-level courses beyond 202
  • A minimum of one semester studying overseas
Secondary Language
  • Three upper-level courses beyond 202
Upper-level course examples

Chin 410 Advanced Readings in Chinese/Japanese: Society and Culture

Fren 410 Major Periods in French Literature

Germ 350 Topics in German Literature and Culture

Japn 320 Readings and Composition in Japanese II

Span 360 Latin America and Spain: Pre-Columbian to Baroque

Russ 420 Advanced Readings in Russian: Fiction and Nonfiction