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The dance minor is housed in the theatre department. As an integral part of a performing arts program, it requires courses in both dance and theatre.

Note: In addition to the courses listed below, you may opt to take dance courses at Reed College, located just across the river from Lewis & Clark. This is useful if, for example, you decide to study abroad and miss a rotation of one of the courses you need to take to fulfill the minor.

The dance minor requires a minimum of 26 semester credits, distributed as follows:

Three core courses:

  • TH 106 (Fundamentals of Movement)
  • TH 110A (Theatre Laboratory)
  • TH 308 (Dance Composition and Improvisation)

4 semester credits (one course) chosen from the following:

  • TH 209 (Social Dance Forms: History, Practice, and Social Significance)
  • TH 214 (Dance in Context: History and Criticism)

8 semester credits (two courses) in dance technique, chosen from the following:

  • TH 107 (Ballet I)
  • TH 201 (Contact Improvisation)
  • TH 219 (Dance Technique: Application of Fundamental Principles and Imagery)

4 semester credits (two courses) chosen from the following:

  • TH 113 (Acting I: Fundamentals)
  • TH 234 (Stage Lighting)
  • TH 356 (Devised Performance)

Note: TH252 (Dance Extravaganza), our student choreographed main stage concert, is not a minor requirement. However, a member of the dance faculty serves in an advising role and most minors are involved as performers and/or choreographers multiple times over the course of their time at Lewis & Clark. Rehearsals for each piece in the production are usually 4–6 hours per week, providing an opportunity for you to explore more technical practice that challenge you in a range of traditional or contemporary dance styles.