SOAN Honors Policy

The department grants honors to students with a 3.500* GPA in the major and an outstanding senior thesis. Eligible students wishing to be considered for honors must submit a final draft of their thesis one week prior to the last day of class. Theses submitted for honors are reviewed by at least two faculty members in the department. The department grants honors to theses recommended by both reviewing faculty. Students are notified of the award by the end of the exam period.

Theses awarded honors demonstrate excellence in all of the following areas:

  • Clarity of argument
  • Grounding in sociological, anthropological and/or related theoretical traditions
  • Thorough bibliographic grasp of relevant literature
  • Support by valid methods and robust evidence
  • Communication in polished and persuasive writing


* Generally, a 3.5 is required at the beginning of the thesis term. However, if you think you will have a 3.5 by the end of your final term, you may petition to have your thesis read for honors.