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2018-19 Travel Schedule


August 23-28                      Team Work Week, Lewis & Clark Campus (ALL)


September 22-23                Golden Gate Opener @ San Francisco State University, CA (IE swing, LD)

September 22-23                NW Parli Warmup @ Bellevue College, WA (Parli)

September 29-30                Rice Classic @ Rice University, TX (Parli)


October 6                            Oregon State Penitentiary Tournament (BP)

October 6-7                         Back To the Nest Swing @ Illinois State University, IL (IE swing)

October 6-7                         OCHOIE @ Lafayette College, PA (LD)

October 12-14                     Steve Hunt Classic @ Lewis & Clark, OR (IE, Parli, LD swing)

October 19-21                     Missouri Mule @ University of Central Missouri, MO (LD Swing)

October 20-21                     Pirate-Boxer Rebellion @ Pacific University, OR (IE)

October 27-28                     Golden Gate Invitational @ UC Berkeley, CA (Parli)


November 2-3                      Paul Winters Invitational @ U of Pacific, CA (LD)

November 3                         Jack Lynch Tournament @ St. Anselm, NH (LD)

November 16-18                  Mahaffey Memorial @ Linfield College, OR (IE, Parli)


December 1-2                      Smelt Classic @ Lower Columbia College, WA (IE)


Spring 2019 schedule to be released in November 2018.




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