Majoring and Minoring

For complete information about majoring and minoring, see the online catalog.

Lewis & Clark’s Department of Religious Studies focuses on the study of religion as a historical, social, and cultural phenomenon. Using this approach, our curriculum emphasizes four specific areas:

  • Jewish and Christian origins
  • The history religious traditions of Western civilization (including America)
  • The history of religious traditions Asia
  • The religious traditions of Islam 

Because we take a socio-cultural approach, the Religious Studies Department is heavily involved in interdisciplinary study. We share three faculty members with the history department and regularly interact with those in other departments dealing with the phenomenon of culture, in particular sociology/anthropology, art and music, and literature.

The international emphasis at Lewis & Clark also dovetails nicely with our program. Religious Studies faculty frequently lead programs in India, Japan, Morocco, and elsewhere. Such opportunities offer students firsthand experience with cultures and religious traditions quite different from their own.

Religious Studies majors, like majors from any department in the humanities, pursue a wide variety of occupations following graduation. Recent graduates have found employment in everything from social work to journalism, from banking to politics. Many go on to graduate or professional schools, especially in the field of law. A few seek professional training in religious vocations.