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Religious Studies

Alumni Profiles

Check out these brief profiles from some of our alumni to see the wide range of career possibilities one can enjoy with a Religious Studies degree.

Nate Dorgan, Class of 2014 

I was a Religious Studies and History double major while at LC. I graduated in 2014 and stuck around for a couple years saving up money to attend grad school, which I’m now in. I’m a Master’s student in Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Chicago where my RELS training allows me to look much smarter.

Kathryn Libal, Class of 1990

Kathryn Libal, PhD, is Director of the Human Rights Institute and Associate Professor of Social Work and Human Rights at the University of Connecticut. In 1990 she earned her BA in Religious Studies (with Honors). She earned her doctorate in cultural anthropology at the University of Washington in 2001. She holds a joint appointment in the UConn School of Social Work and Human Rights Institute and her research and teaching focus on human rights, forced migration, social welfare, qualitative research methods and the Middle East. In addition to examining gender and childhood in Turkey, she has co-edited a book on Human Rights in the United States: Beyond Exceptionalism (Cambridge University Press, 2011) and is co-author of Human Rights-Based Approaches to Community Practice in the United States (Spring, 2015). She also was lead editor on the volume Advancing Human Rights in Social Work Education (Council on Social Work Education Press, 2014).

Holly Reinhart-Marean, Class of 1976

I was a Religious Studies major at Lewis & Clark, but I ended up with more credits in Overseas Study than in RS. I graduated in 1976 and went on to seminary for graduate school, and was ordained as a United Methodist pastor in 1979. I have served as pastor in a number of churches in southern California since then. I have found that my background in world religions (and Overseas Study in Iran and Austria), has served me well in dealing with the diversities in So. Cal, and in working with ecumenical and Interfaith colleagues, and persons of other faith groups.

I am currently moving towards retirement and I am eager to see what that will hold for a whole new future!

Roxane White, Class of 1985

Roxane is known for her management of large complex organizations, working with multiple locations, work with mergers and her focus on outcomes. She has led two nonprofit mergers and oversaw more numerous governmental entity mergers including that of Colorado State Parks with the Division of Natural Resources. She has been recognized extensively in Colorado and in California for her commitment to high risk families and to programs which create lasting impact and two generation change.

She was appointed President and CEO of Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) in November of 2014 and has been responsible for expanding the organizations reach including obtaining major growth capital and elimination of a five year deficit. NFP operates in 42 States and 6 Tribal Nations. In 2009, Roxane became Chief of Staff to Mayor Hickenlooper who was elected Governor of Colorado in 2010 and Roxane continued as the Chief of Staff in the Governor’s first term. She worked with the State of Colorado to expand Medicaid referrals to NFP programs and to extensively expand pregnancy prevention programs. In 2003, Roxane became the Executive Director of Denver Human Services under Mayor John Hickenlooper and served as Chief of Staff for the Mayor from 2009-2010. Prior to that time, she spent more than 20 years developing programs in California and Colorado for homeless and runaway youth. She is on the Board of Garrett Evangelical Seminary, an Aspen Ascend Fellow and member of the U.S. Mobility from Poverty Partnership. Roxane has her Masters in Divinity from San Francisco Theological Seminary (Presbyterian) and a Masters in Social Work from San Francisco State University. She also has a Bachelor’s degree in religious studies from Lewis & Clark College. Roxane was born and raised in Victor, Montana where her family has resided for six generation. 

Religious Studies

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