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Overview of Requirements for a Psychology Major

The major begins with the foundation courses: Introduction to Psychology, Statistics I, and Psychology Methodology. Seven additional courses, chosen in consultation with your major advisor, fulfill the major requirements. Of these seven courses, two must be at the intermediate (200) level, one must be an advanced (300-level) psychology lab, and one must be a capstone (400-level) course. The remaining three courses are electives, two of which must be at the advanced or capstone level. 

The department’s capstone courses are challenging seminars that offer an integrative experience. A capstone course may involve any of the following: integration of various subareas within psychology, integration of psychology and other disciplines, or application of psychological principles and methods to real-world problems and/or basic scientific questions. Capstone courses typically include a major project and in-class presentation.




Psychology does not have a minor.



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