For the most current course information please follow the link below to Lewis & Clark’s online course catalog. It provides admission and graduation requirements, program and course descriptions, policies and procedures, and other information related to study in our program.

2011-12 Undergraduate Catalog

PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology

PSY 190 Culture, Film, and Psychology

PSY 200 Statistics I

PSY 220 Thinking, Memory, and Problem Solving

PSY 230 Infant and Child Development

PSY 240 Abnormal Psychology

PSY 260 Social Psychology

PSY 280 Brain and Behavior

PSY 299 Independent Study

PSY 300 Methodology

PSY 310 Cognition

PSY 311 Statistics II

PSY 330 Adolescent and Adult Development

PSY 340 Personality Theory

PSY 345 Overseas Internship

PSY 350 Behavioral Neuroscience

PSY 355 Cognitive Neuroscience

PSY 360 Psychology of Gender

PSY 370 Clinical Psychology

PSY 375 Health Psychology

PSY 380 Drugs and Behavior

PSY 390 Cross-Cultural Psychology

PSY 400 Advanced Topics in Psychology

PSY 410 Advanced Topics in Neuroscience

PSY 425 Human-Computer Interaction

PSY 440 Social Construction of Madness

PSY 445 Psychology Internship

PSY 460 Community Psychology

PSY 465 Advanced Topics in Social Psychology

PSY 490 Honors Thesis