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Lewis & Clark hosts American Physical Society conference.

In May, Lewis & Clark hosted the 10th Annual Meeting of the Northwest Section of the American Physical Society (APS). Read more about the proceedings, presenters and student/faculty research.

Beyond the Boundaries to the Intersections
Associate Professor of Physics Steve Tufte and Assistant Professor of Chemistry Niko Loening are preparing the next generation of scientists to think and work across disciplines and in ways that cultivate knowledge of the essence of scientific inquiry.

Illuminating Memory
A biochemistry-biophysics collaboration produces insights into the formation of long-term memory, currently one of the hottest topics in scientific research.

Andrew Dittmore B.A. ”˜04: Made of the Right Material
“Physics has completely changed my perception of the world,” says Andrew Dittmore who was recently awarded a prestigious National Defense and Science Engineering Graduate Fellowship, which rewards individuals with demonstrated ability and special aptitude for advanced science and engineering.

Achievement on a National Scale: Truman Scholar Adam Kowalski
Adam Kowalski CAS ”˜08 was named a 2007 Truman scholar, one of the most prestigious awards available to undergraduates nationwide.

LC Recognized for its Thriving Physics Program
The National Task Force on Undergraduate Physics (co-sponsored by the AAPT, APS, and AIP) has taken note of the growth in the number of physics degrees awarded at Lewis & Clark. The college ranks among the top 30 programs in the United States in terms of the percentage increase in the number of degrees awarded in recent years. The article by Kenneth Krane appeared in Interactions, March/April 2007; Copyright 2007, American Association of Physics Teachers.

Stargazer Wins Ratte Award
As a child, Kasandra Jorgensen ”˜06 marveled at the stars from her home amid the mountains of Pine, Colorado. As a physics major, she reached for the stars and won the 2006 Rena J. Ratte Award, the undergraduate college’s highest academic honor.

A New Eye on the Sky
With the addition of the Sherman Fairchild Foundation Telescope, Lewis & Clark’s astronomy program reaches new heights.

Physics Week Serves Pi(e)
You can have your pi and eat it too. The Lewis & Clark Physics Club served pie on Pi Day to kick off the College’s celebration of the World Year of Physics.

Advanced Physics Lab: Where Physics and Invention Meet
Chances are Traci Harris ’03 never imagined she could design and build an African-style marimba to fulfill a physics requirement. Yet exploring intriguing, unconventional, and sometimes outlandish physics problems is what Advanced Physics Laboratory is all about.