Registration Information for New Students, Fall 2019

Welcome to Lewis & Clark College’s Department of Music! There are many opportunities for students interested in music, and you do not need to be a major in order to enroll.  Majors are advised to visit the Music Major Requirements page.

Please visit the Music Department at the Academic Fair from 9:30-10:30am in Pamplin Gymnasium on Thursday, August 29. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Which MUS classes (academic music courses) are available to first-year students?

Various courses in Music History, Ethnomusicology, Music Theory, Composition, and Electronic Music are open to first-year students. If you have already had college-level study in these areas, please contact the instructor to ask for permission to enroll in a 200- or 300-level course. However, please note that Music Theory courses require a placement exam (see below) in order to place students at the appropriate level.

2. I’m thinking of being a music major. Are there classes I should be sure to take as a first-year student?

Yes, first-year students are advised to register for Music Theory in order to get started on the multi-year music theory sequence. In order to place into a theory course, you will need to take the Music Theory Placement Exam.  First-year students may also be interested in taking an introductory course in Music History or World Music.

3. What are MUP classes, and can I take them even though I am not planning to be a music major?

The MUP classes (music performance courses) include music ensembles, group classes on various instruments, and private lessons, all for graded course credit. None of them requires you to be a music major, and in fact, hundreds of non-majors take MUP classes every year!

4. How do I enroll in an ensemble? What ensembles are available?

Please visit the Ensembles Page to see the complete list of ensembles. To enroll in Orchestra, Choir, or Wind Symphony, please e-mail the director to learn about the (absolutely painless) audition procedure. New students do not need to pre-register for Orchestra, Choir, or Wind Symphony; registration for those ensembles will occur following the audition through the add/drop process. NOTE: All students enrolling in all ensembles other than orchestra or choir should enroll as soon as possible, since a minimum enrollment is required for ensembles to be offered. Please note that ensembles are one-credit graded courses.

5. Where can I get more information about the large ensembles?

The Choirs, Wind Symphony, Orchestra, and World Music will be hosting Meet-and-Greets in the Evans Music Center. These informal sessions will answer questions, allow you to meet private lesson faculty in the area, and provide food!

         CHOIR MEET-AND-GREET, 9/3/19, 5-6 p.m., Evans Auditorium

         WIND SYMPHONY MEET-AND-GREET, 9/3/19, 6-7:15 p.m., Evans Band Room

         ORCHESTRA MEET-AND-GREET, 9/3/19, 7:30-9 p.m., Evans Auditorium

         WORLD MUSIC MEET-AND-GREET, 9/4/19, 4-5 p.m., Evans World Music Room 

6. What voice and instrumental teachers are available for private lessons?

The department offers lessons for every voice type, Western instrument, and non-Western instruments from northern India, Indonesia, Ghana, and South Africa. Please see the complete list of Applied Lessons and Performance Classes

7. How do I sign up for a private lesson instructor? Are private lessons for course credit?

To register for a private lesson instructor, you’ll e-mail the instructor of your choice*, who will let you know if permission is needed to register. Should you need to register during the Add/Drop period, you will need permission from your instructor, and this can be given through an electronic add slip. Private lessons are for course credit (one credit each).

*For instruments with multiple instructors, please contact the area coordinator to be placed with the instructor best suited for your needs. The coordinators are Susan Smith for piano (, Susan McBerry for voice (, Lance Inouye for violin (, and Jeff Leonard for guitar ( 

8. How much does it cost to take lessons and other music performance classes?

Private lessons cost $550 per semester (though the fee is waived for music majors and students receiving music scholarships), and beginning group voice and instrument classes cost $150 per semester.