Music Department COVID Policies


  1. All singers and wind players must be fully vaccinated and boosted, without exception.
  2. Masks will be optional in ensembles, though ensemble directors may choose to require them depending on local COVID trends. 
  3. Masking in music lessons will be decided upon by individual instructors. 


Students enrolled in music lessons, ensembles, and music theory classes are automatically registered in the practice room signup site database. All other students wishing to use the practice rooms should email

Unvaccinated students must remain masked in the practice rooms.

The practice room signup site resets at midnight daily. Students are required to observe all of the posted protocols, which include: 

  • Never accessing a practice room without first signing up online.
  • Washing and sanitizing hands before using shared equipment, like pianos.
  • Wiping down pianos after use.
  • Relinquishing practice rooms at the scheduled time, even if you arrived late (this ensures a proper airing-out period before the next person enters.)
  • Leaving practice rooms doors propped open with the provided door stops.

Your commitment to these protocols helps to ensure the safety of our community. Any student found to be violating protocols will be reported to the college and will lose practice room privileges for the remainder of the semester. 


There is to be no unscheduled room usage in Evans Music Center. To reserve a room, please email Becky Guderian at, but note that room availability will be greatly curtailed this year.


Performers wishing to collaborate with another musician on campus must receive special permission from the department; please contact the department chair, Susan Smith, to submit a COVID safety proposal.

Ensemble directors and students preparing recitals must have their COVID rehearsal and performance safety plan pre-approved by the department chair.

Questions? Please email our Administrative Specialist, Becky Guderian, at