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Music Department COVID Policies


Private music lessons WILL be meeting in the fall. Depending on the instructor and your own preferences/personal situation, your lessons may be in person, online, or some combination of these two modalities. You can find the teaching modality for all classes on WebAdvisor (if a course is online, you will see the word “online” in the “location” column). However, the modality type doesn’t necessarily mean that all of your lessons with that instructor will be done in that modality. Your instructor will let you know the extent to which they are comfortable with in-person and/or online teaching and provide you with their specific expectations for the semester. They are also ready to make appropriate arrangements for you based on your personal needs and health concerns. Students are required to adhere to the college’s health and safety expectations by wearing masks during all in-person lessons, observing social-distancing protocols, and washing and sanitizing their hands before using shared equipment like pianos.

Voice and wind instrument private lessons will ONLY be delivered remotely (i.e. online) this fall. The results of the International Performing Arts Aerosol Study at the University of Colorado Boulder show that singing and wind playing produce a greater number of aerosols than other musical activities, and as such pose significant health risks. While we hope that in-person voice and wind lessons can resume in the spring, our decisions will continue to be driven by scientific data and the prioritization of community health and safety.

Students whose lessons will be taught remotely and who cannot take their lessons from home will be assigned to a Zoom-equipped room for their weekly lesson (this includes all students living on campus.) When scheduling your lesson with your teacher, please let them know if you will need a Zoom room. You’ll be informed of your lesson time and Zoom room assignment before the second week of classes. Please plan on arriving in your lesson space a few minutes early each week so that you can sign into your Zoom account and adjust the camera if necessary.


Only students enrolled in performance-based classes, Music Theory Fundamentals, and Theory I are eligible to use the practice rooms for the Fall 2020 semester. Eligible students should have received a link through which they can sign up for practice rooms. The schedule resets daily. Students are required to observe all of the posted protocols, which include:

  • Never accessing a practice room without first signing up via the app.
  • Washing and sanitizing hands before using shared equipment, like pianos.
  • Wiping down pianos after use.
  • Relinquishing practice rooms at the scheduled time, even if you arrived late (this ensures a proper airing-out period before the next person enters.)
  • Leaving practice room doors propped open with the provided door stops.

Your commitment to these protocols helps to ensure the safety of our entire community. Any student found to be violating protocols will lose practice room privileges for the remainder of the semester.


There is to be no unscheduled room usage in Evans Music Center for the entirety of the Fall 2020 semester. An empty room does not equal an available room, since every space is scheduled for a period of aerosol dispersal after each use. To reserve a room, please email Becky Guderian at, but note that room availability will be greatly curtailed during Fall 2020.


Ensembles WILL meet this fall, though they will look different, for obvious reasons of health and safety. Please direct detailed questions about the nature of a particular ensemble to the respective ensemble director. You can find a list of ensembles and contact information here. You should also plan on attending each ensemble’s meet and greet during the first week of classes. Please find the meet and greet schedule and access info here.


The following classes have been canceled for the fall:

  • Gamelan Ensemble
  • Beginning African Marimba Ensemble
  • Intermediate African Marimba Ensemble
  • Beginning Voice Class
  • Beginning Piano Class
  • Intermediate Piano Class
  • African Mbira Class


Questions? Please email our Administrative Specialist, Becky Guderian, at