Math Placement Exam for 2022 Incoming Class

Our math placement is administered online through through ALEKS, an adaptive program that uses artificial intelligence to quickly and accurately determine what a student knows, doesn’t know, and is ready to learn. 

To access the assessment (for incoming Fall 2022 students only)

  1. Watch the video below.
  2. Go to this ALEKS link to sign up for a free account
    • Enter the class code: MTG6G-TJTQD
    • ALEKS will assign a username that you will need to remember. It is not the same username that you will use for the rest of your Lewis & Clark accounts.
    • Enter your first and last name as listed on Lewis & Clark records.
    • Use your Lewis & Clark email address with
    • Use your Lewis & Clark ID number in the student ID field. Your ID number is 7-digits and begins with a 2.
  3. After you have created your account, you will be taken to your ALEKS dashboard. Select ‘Incoming Students, Summer 2022’ to begin your initial ALEKS placement assessment.
  4. If you would like to take the assessment for a second time (we recommend it!), select Prep for Calculus as your learning module. Prep for Calculus will still let you ‘start at the beginning’ but it also gives you access to more content to review. Students are required to spend at least 8 hours studying the Prep for Calculus learning module before they can advance to their second assessment, although 12 hours total is recommended.
  5. After August 5, your ALEKS score will NOT be automatically recorded. Please email Colin Ehr at to have your score recorded.
  6. For more information about the exam, check out our Frequently Asked Questions or email Colin Ehr at