Quantitative Reasoning Exam

The placement exam is administered online through ALEKS Placement, Preparation, and Learning system (ALEKS PPL).  This adaptive testing system will assess your mastery over a broad range of mathematical topics ranging from basic arithmetic to precalculus (including trigonometry).  Your score on the test will determine what math and science classes you can register for.   

Continuing students, please follow the instructions below to set up an account or renew access.

Instructions for taking the Assessment 

  1. Sign up to take the exam by clicking on the link in the blue box above.   
  2. Set up or renew your account with ALEKS.
    1. If you have never used ALEKS before, start at this link.  
    2. If you already have an ALEKS account, but your access is expired, you will need to sign up for a “new class”. To do this, just log into ALEKS using your ALEKS username and password, then select:
  3. Enter the Course Code 4QJTG-DC4DA when prompted. This code gives you one year of access and includes FIVE exam attempts as well as 6 months in an adaptive online learning module.   
  4. Take a Practice Test and/or and review for the real deal.
    1. If you are setting up or renewing an account, use your first exam as a practice test!
    2. If you have already taken an ALEKS test, use the learning module to review and prepare.  If you have already taken precalculus (in high school) you should choose the Prep for Calculus module, otherwise you should choose the Prep for Precalculus Module.  Both modules include all of the content from the Prep for College Algebra module. 
  5. Your score is not automatically recorded. Once you finish the exam, email Colin Ehr at colinehr@lclark.edu to request that your score gets recorded.
Calculators? Time Limits? What’s on the exam?

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For any question or issues, please email Colin Ehr at colinehr@lclark.edu.