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Mathematical Sciences


  • The project team's faculty and student members.
    It’s a persistent question: How do you prepare large populations for an emergency? Funded by a grant of more than half a million dollars from the National Science Foundation, an interdisciplinary team of Lewis & Clark faculty and students is creating a video game to educate and enlist young people in that critical process.
  • At Lewis & Clark, where students learn science by doing science, collaborative research with professors is an academic hallmark. The John S. Rogers Science Program supports several such projects each summer, and this year included multidisciplinary research with an especially timely goal: create a computer game that will teach users how to act in the aftermath of a natural disaster.
  • Ice Cream
    Meet Your Math Major!
    October 15, 2019
    5:00 pm 
    Come by the Mathematical Department to meet your professors!
    There will be Ice Cream!
  • Games! Games!
    Game Night on September 28th!
    Students had good food and played lots of games at Professor Peter Drake’s House!!!
  • Math Department pic 2
    Mathematical Sciences Department Picnic
    Saturday, September 14th was a beautiful day at Gleneden Beach!
    Students and Professors had a great day, enjoying the sun, playing games and eating lots of good food.
  • Annual Day Hike at the Oregon Coast

    Saturday, September 14th 2019

    All students in a math or computer science class are invited. 

    This is all-day event is free: The Department provides the post-hike dinner and games at a covered picnic site.

    Please bring your own sack lunch for hikes.

    We will be at Gleneden Beach Gazebo Area. Several lengths of hikes will be available for all levels.

    Meet at 8:30 am in the Fir Acres Parking Lot.  (near Olin Science Bldg.) to carpool to the coast.

    What to Bring:

    Sack Lunch, Water Bottle, Layered Clothing, Jacket and Hat, Sturdy shoes, Sunblock, Day Pack, Optional beach toys

  • Computer Class
    Math Colloquium
    April 11, 2019
    Speaker: Adina Shanholtz

    Job Title: Software Developer

    Company: Microsoft

    Team: Edge, Media and Transient Experiences

  • Math Meets Science
    Math Colloquium
    April 4, 2019

    Speaker: Grace Lawley

    Topic: Math Meets Data

    Transitioning from math proofs to natural language research.

    Figuring out how to put theory into practice is not always straightforward. Real world data, especially natural language data, can put up quite a fight. In this talk, I will share my experience learning how to apply the lessons I learned in undergraduate math courses to medical research on the language of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Topics I will touch on include: natural language processing, data science, modeling, and dimensionality reduction.

  • Economics
    Math Colloquium
    March 21, 2019

    Brian Dombeck- Assistant Professor, Economics, Lewis & Clark College

    Topic: Learning vs News Shocks: What Drives Business Cycles?

  • Pi Day!
    Pi DAY!!!!!
    Thursday, March 14th 
    Olin Lounge Lounge 3:30-4:30
    More Details Coming Soon!
  • Erin Rast
    Erin Rast ’21, from Boulder, Colorado was recently awarded the Christine Fredricks Smith Memorial Scholarship, the College’s most prestigious award exclusively for mathematics majors. 
  • LC Alumna Ruthe Farmer
    Topic: Championing Change: Building Diversity In Tech At Scale
    Thursday, March 7th, 3:30-4:30- JR Howard 102
  • Tuning up their instruments!
    Math Time, Fun Time
    Singing songs about math!
  • Molecules
    Anne Bentley: How Chemists Use Group Theory
    Math Colloquium- JR Howard 259 
  • Math Colloquium
  • pumpkins
  • Crescent Beach
    Students and Faculty hiked at Ecola State Park
  • Student research presentations
  • Illia Hayes ’19, from Phoenix, Arizona, was recently awarded the Christine Fredricks Smith Memorial Scholarship
  • Jordan Gonzalez ’21, has been selected by the faculty of the department for the Mathematics Alumni Scholarship for 2018 - 19.
  • Rogers 2019
    Summer science research
  • Megan Glavin BA ’19 and Sema Hasan BA ’18 were selected to present their original research at the 2018 Notre Dame Peace Conference, an event for students from around the world to share their work and discuss issues related to peace studies, social justice, and global activism.
  • Andrea Dean BA ’17 fell in love with mathematics and computer science at Lewis & Clark and is now using her knowledge at Amazon. She’s solving problems in machine learning at a new prototype store. Our Chronicle magazine caught up with her in Seattle for this profile.
  • Cameron, who is also associate dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, received a scholarship from the Clare Boothe Luce Program to attend the HERS Institute at Bryn Mawr College. We sat down with her to discuss how this opportunity will help her Lewis & Clark STEM students.
  • Summer science research
  • New members were inducted into Pi Mu Epsilon
  • Student carved pumpkins for Halloween.
  • DCIM\100MEDIA\DJI_0042.JPG
    Students and faculty took a dayhike in Mt. Hood Wilderness and enjoyed a BBQ dinner with strategy games.
  • This summer Lewis & Clark acquired a computational server that will improve the speed and ease of research calculations. Researchers studying computational physics, genetic sequencing, and climate modeling have already begun to imagine how this powerful hardware will enhance their research.
  • Emeritus Professor Roger Nelsen was recently honored by an international conference celebrating his contributions to copula theory. In this interview, he discusses how he found his calling, what exactly it is he works on, and why he’s been so supportive of Lewis & Clark.
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