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International Affairs

Heather Smith-Cannoy: Research

Publications/Forthcoming Work

“Deprivation of Citizenship: An Examination of the Rohingya Refugee Crisis” in Emerging Threats to Human Rights (Philadelphia: Temple University Press) forthcoming.

Emerging Threats to Human Rights: Resources, Violence and Deprivation of Citizenship, edited volume (Philadelphia: Temple University Press) forthcoming.

“Sex Trafficking and International Law,” in International Human Rights: Human Rights of Women, Niamh Reilly (ed.) (New York: Springer Press) forthcoming.

Sage Handbook cover image“Mainstreaming Human Rights: Assessing the Impact of Sixty Years of International Human Rights Law” in The Sage Handbook of Human Rights, Anja Mihr and Mark Gibney (eds.) (Los Angeles: Sage Press, 2014).


cover image of Globalizing Human Rights“Human Trafficking and International Cheap Talk: The Dutch Government and the Island Territories” (with Charles Anthony Smith) in Globalizing Human Rights: Emerging Issues and Approaches, Charles Anthony Smith (ed) (New York: Routledge Press, 2013.)


Insincere Commitments: Human Rights Treaties, Abusive States and Citizen Activism. Washington D.C.: Georgetown University Press (2012).


“Defending Democracy? Assessing the OAS’s 2002 Diplomatic Intervention in Haiti” Civil Wars 14, 3 (2012): 431-450. 

“Human Trafficking and International Cheap Talk: The Dutch Government and the Island Territories” (with Charles Anthony Smith) The Journal of Human Rights 11, 1 (2012): 51-65

“Human Trafficking: Trends, Challenges, and the Limitations of International Law” Human Rights Review 12, 3 (2011): 271-286.

“Human Trafficking: The Unintended Effects of United Nations Intervention” (with Charles Anthony Smith) International Political Science Review 32, 2 (2011): 139-60.

“The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly: Assessing the Impact of the OAS and the UN on Human Trafficking in Haiti” in From Human Trafficking to Human Rights: Rethinking Contemporary Slavery, Alison Brysk and Austin Choi-Fitzpatrick (eds.) (Philadelphia: the University of Pennsylvania Press, 2011).    

 “Embedded Realpolitik? Re-Evaluating US Opposition to the International Criminal Court,” in Governance, Order and the International Criminal Court: Between Realpolitik and a Cosmopolitan Court, Steven Roach (ed.) (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009) with Charles Anthony Smith.  

 “The Electoral Dis-Connection: Institutional Barriers to US Support for the International Criminal Court,” The Eyes on The International Criminal Court 3,1 (2006) with Charles Anthony Smith.


International Affairs

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