Zoom Fatigue Kit

We’ve assembled this small Zoom Fatigue Kit to offer outlets for relief and rejuvenation during the Gender Studies Symposium and beyond.

Poetry (print and audio/video recordings)
Poetry Foundation 
Button Poetry

The Beet feature on Black vegan influencers
Home: A Queer Cooking Series (videos and recipes)
I’ll Make It Myself! (queer food blog)
Racist Sandwich podcast

Journal and Doodling Prompts
Doodle Art Alley
Online sketch pad
105 Writing Prompts for Self-Reflection and Self-Discovery

Insight Timer (yoga, meditation, sleep sounds)
The Nap Ministry
Jessamyn Stanley: Yoga For Beginners [also visit The Underbelly Yoga]
UCLA Mindfulness Awareness Research Center (free guided meditations in English and Spanish)
Mindfulness resources for POC compiled by UC-Santa Cruz
Black Girl In Om Guided Meditation
Bilingual Center for Mindfulness

On-campus resources
Weekly meditations for students: Thursdays at 4 pm
Common Ground: non-denominational group for L&C students interested in the healing arts, spirituality, and community practice (contact commonground@lclark.edu for meeting times and info)
L&C Spiritual Life student organizations