Gender Studies Symposium Art Show

Gender Studies Symposium Art Show

39th Annual Gender Studies Symposium

Tensions of Possibility
March 11-13, 2020


Open daily throughout the symposium • Stamm Dining Room

Please enjoy the exhibit when sessions are not in progress in Stamm.


This year’s art exhibition invites viewers to explore the ways in which different artists represent and express their experiences of gender, sexuality, and possibility. How do individuals envision new horizons for gender and sexual expression in their work? This collection of works investigates notions of individual and collective possibility through a broad survey of material approaches. In conversation with one another, these works explore the ways in which materiality can implore the viewer to engage with questions of gender and sexuality. We hope this exhibition inspires viewers to imagine new ways of looking and being, to consider possibilities alongside the artists, and to foster new ideas, understandings, and curiosities.


Hazel Anderson

Franchesca Beilharz

Eli Bricknell

Mia Cinelli

Lauren Cloughesy

Coltyn Cody

Hannah Cohen

Marley Collins

Kelsey Davis

Zeph Fishlyn

Eila Gustina

William Hoard and Keira Crabtree

Suki Hymani

Ren Little

Eve March

Casper Pierce

Elaine Powell-Ascroft

Sharon Soffer

Caroline Spence

Eva Szoboszlay

Selma Urbina

Jacoby Zel