Gender Studies Symposium

37th Annual Gender Studies Symposium


March 7-9, 2018


Open daily throughout the symposium • Stamm Dining Room

Please enjoy the exhibit when sessions are not in progress in Stamm.

Curated by L&C students Sylvia Eisenbeis ’18, Claire Lyman ’18, and 
Annie Reynolds ’19



In tandem with the 37th Annual Gender Studies Symposium: “inSECURITY,” the works in this art exhibition illustrate expectations for and lived realities of security—and insecurity. Together these pieces offer a wide range of understandings and experiences of security in relation to gender and sexuality. This interactive, individualized, and provocative show creates a dialogue between the artist and viewer, and asks the audience to engage thoughtfully with these themes through visual media. The pieces express the creativity and imagination that may take flight when we question and consider what security means from a variety of perspectives. We hope that attending this exhibit will raise important questions about security and spark further conversation with peers, colleagues, and the Symposium speakers and panelists.

Ollie Abbott Ladner
Molly Alloy
Renee Allums-D’Espyne featuring  KayelaJ
María Laura Andrade Laso & Margeaux Reed
Roan Boucher
Nickolas Carl
Cathie Carroll
Raina DeVane
Evin Dubois
Claire Duncan
Kowkie Durst
Jenne Giles
Alison Lutz
Madeline Mitchell
Anastasia Pindera
Maya Winshell
 Kaija Xia

View The Artist Statement Guide Here.