Art Show

Art Show Curators:

Sarah Isenberg ’20, Noah Jurkiewicz ’18, Regan Stewart ’17, Lauren White ’17   


Curatorial Statement 

Chosen for their thematic elements of personal struggle with questions of gender and sexuality, the works in this year’s Gender Studies Symposium Art Exhibition, Access, come together to present a diverse range of experiences. Many of these works are deeply personal and individualized, showing that there is not one common reality for those who struggle with their gender or sexuality. Through various artistic styles and media, the featured artists showcase the diverse ways that gender and sexuality influence access to the physical and nonphysical. These works express how access can be engaged through a multitude of lenses, creating dialogue between the artist and the viewer. They encourage those who interact with them to reflect on their own understandings of gender and sexuality in terms of accessibility. We hope this exhibit offers viewers the experience of an exciting and creative dialogue with this year’s speakers and panelists.

Participating Artists

Brooke Alexander

Aaron Beck

Abigail Freed

Abigail Joyce-Shaw


Jennifer Orbom

Gina Rios

Neal Rock

Regan Stewart

Charlotte Straus