Gender Studies Symposium - College of Arts and Sciences - Lewis & Clark


Open daily throughout the symposium • Stamm Dining Room

Please enjoy the exhibit when sessions are not in progress in Stamm. 

 Curated by L&C students Emma McKhann ’16 and Sofia Yarberry ’16

Curatorial statement

This year’s Gender Studies Symposium Art Exhibition incorporates many different aspects of this year’s symposium theme: “Gender and Sexuality in Play.” The artists’ broad interpretations of this theme address a multitude of topics including ideas of leisure, games, humor, and play. Through various artistic styles and media, the featured artists highlight the diverse ways in which gender and sexuality influence and are part of our recreational practices. Their explorations allow us to see the very real ways in which gender and sexuality infiltrate every aspect of our daily lives. Many of the works this year are two-dimensional pieces, and it is compelling to consider how these artists captured the spirit and energy of “play” in a two-dimensional form. We hope this exhibit offers viewers the experience of an exciting and creative dialogue with this year’s speakers and panels.

Participating Artists

Caroline Bascetta

Kelsey Birsa

Jamey Branum

Renee Field

Abigail Freed

Kaiya Gordon

Tess Haratonik

Pearl Hesselden

Kat Jarvinen

Mariah Lindberg

Daphne Lyda

Emma McKhann

Shannon Rose Merrigan

Sandee Taylor

Bridget Thompson and Hannah Daniels

Karissa Tom