Gender Studies Symposium - College of Arts and Sciences - Lewis & Clark

Material Conditions: Gender, Sexuality, and Capitalism

March 11-13, 2015


The Art show is open daily throughout the symposium.

Please enjoy the exhibit when sessions are not in progress in Stamm.

Curatorial statement: This year’s Gender Studies Symposium art exhibition reflects the wide array of possible interpretations surrounding the topics of gender, sexuality, capitalism, and the conversations at play between the three. Through a variety of media, these artists have interrogated the implications of a capitalist structure that divides, subsumes, and shapes nearly every aspect of one’s corporeal and subjective experience. Be it through ideas of consumption, production, occupation, labor, or media, the artwork on display links these themes to an experience of gender and sexuality that we, as curators, found particularly evocative. The work included in this exhibition represents a multiplicity of approaches both aesthetically and conceptually. From new media to types of making that span centuries, the thought and methodology involved are exciting channels through which to engage with ideas illuminated by this year’s speakers and panels.

Curated by L&C students Kelsey Gray ’15 and Clio Wilde ’15


Participating Artists

Julia Barbee

Olivia Cater

Abigail Freed

Heather Goodwind

Kaiya Gordon and Mia Freiberg

Hanna Grannis

Samson Harman

Olivia Jane Huffman

Kat Jarvinen

Molly Kiefer

Jasmine Nyende

Amy Rosenheim

Hayley Trivett

Anya Walker

Austen Weymueller and Taylor Leigh

Rachel Wolfson