Gender Studies Symposium - College of Arts and Sciences - Lewis & Clark

34th Annual Gender Studies Symposium

March 11-13, 2015


The 34th Annual Gender Studies Symposium explored a dual theme, illuminating the many ways in which gender and sexuality shape the foundational processes of production and consumption—and vice versa.

Some key questions to explore: How do gender and sexuality shape the production of goods, services, and people?  How do gender and sexuality influence the consumption of food, media, belief systems, and more?  To what extent is the market really free?  And how are our experiences with and ideologies of gender and sexuality affected by modes of production and forms of consumption?

Academics, students, community leaders, activists, artists, and visionaries will join together to examine topics ranging from the way ethical consumerism has been prioritized in contemporary feminist and LGBTQ circles; to the challenges of defining and creating empowering art and media; to the commodification of patients’ bodies and emotions in health and medicine; to the gendered economies in making, procuring, and consuming food.