Art Show


Objection! Gender, Sex, Law, and Social Change

Stamm Dining Room

Daena sleeping Featuring work by L&C contributors as well as by Portland artists, this exhibit displayed a variety of approaches to questions of gender and identity in a wide range of different media. 

Curated by Katherine Landerholm, L&C ‘12 and Sula Willson, L&C’12.

Curatorial Statement: As students of gender studies, we have learned that the most intriguing aspect of this field is that everyone has a lived gender experience from which to draw upon. A gendered lens which works to shape the world around them. As artists, we have come to understand that we can use those experiences, that lens, to do more than words can express, to create beauty where sometimes there isn’t any.  Gender studies and art have at least one major commonality: in both fields you have to draw upon experience to begin to interpret and really appreciate the work. It is our hope that as viewers of this diverse body of gendered artwork, made from many lived experiences, you can use your own gendered lens to appreciate the artist’s message.

List of contributing artists for 2012:
Abigail McNamara
Britta Goldmann
Claire Tsuji
Debra Beers
Denise Sirchie
Elana Webb
Elliott Wall III
John Tolles
Joy Leising
Leeba Laviolette
Liz Finch
Mary Ann Reeves
Melissa Sweet
Nan Curtis
Olivia Erlanger
Rachel Wolfson
Spencer Byrne-Seres
Stephanie Hatch
Tony Chrenka