Art Show

The exhibit in the Watzek Library atrium has closed, but we invite you to visit the online gallery.

Curatorial Statement:

This year’s art exhibit encourages viewers to reflect on their own and others’ experiences around gender, science, and medicine. Gendered and racialized identities must be considered when discussing the medical field. How do we stay conscious of the disparate treatment of bodies? How do our relationships with our bodies inform our creative processes? We hope that the works included in this exhibit will spark a discussion about these and other important questions concerning the interactions between gender, science, and medicine, and how these forces intersect in our everyday lives.

Curated by L&C students Anika Bednar ’23, Burton Scheer ’25, and Sascha Tappan ’25.

Participating Artists:

Anna Geise
Anneka Barton
Elliott Negrin
Hannah Lin
Kay Bunting
Kincaid DeBell
Lee Hinkle
Maia Foster-O’Neal
Oakley Rae Phoenix
Oksana Palamarchuk
Ollie Price
Tess Frisque