Art Show

41st Annual Gender Studies Symposium
March 9–11, 2022



Curated by L&C students Mei Bailey ’22, Lili Kunimoto ’22, Eve March ’22, and Ann Niemann ’22.

This year’s art exhibit explores the theme of fantasy in relation to gender, sexuality, and artistic expression. The work of these artists invites viewers to think about art as a way to grapple with realities and imagine otherwise possibilities. How do our fantasies affect what, and how, we create? How does art allow us to realize, or materialize, those fantasies? Through the creative expression of our imagination, how does the line between fantasy and reality blur? We hope that the works in both our virtual and physical galleries encourage viewers to ponder these questions and examine the role of fantasy in their own lives.

The physical installation in Watzek Library was only on display through March, but we invite you to explore the virtual gallery.

Participating Artists

Amelia Madarang
Ariely Mejia
Burton L. Scheer
Ella Jones
Evan Yerian
Eve March
Gwenneth Jergens
Isabella Hernández
JoséM Maidana
Kincaid H. Debell
Lili Kunimoto
Maia Foster-O’Neal
Nicole Catherine Vannewkirk
Samantha Ayoob
Sara Santos
Savi Ryan
Sheyla Dorantes Sanchez
Torin MacLaughlin
Yuuki Motani
Zach Reinker