Dorothy Berkson Award Archive

Congratulations to the past recipients of the Dorothy Berkson Writing Award in Gender Studies.

2020-2021 Recipients:

Phoenix Bruner ’21 (English, Gender Studies minor)
The Persistence and Impossibility of Queer Life: Representations of Queerness in Katherine
Mansfield’s ‘At the Bay’ ” essay

Mie Kumin ’21 (Sociology/Anthropology, Gender Studies and Russian Studies minor)
“Свои/Чужие [Ours/Others]: Sexual Others of the Imaginary Elsewhere” essay

2019-20 Recipients:

Amaris Bouchard ’20 (Sociology/Anthropology)
Howl Together: An Ethnography for my Grandmother essay

Maura Phillips ’20 (English)
The Edges of Imagination: Women, Art, and Desire in Keats’s Late Romances essay

2018-19 Recipients:

Madeleine Bentley (Sociology/Anthropology)
Not just ‘like a love affair.’ Tracing the personal in narratives of sexual arousal while breastfeeding.” essay 

Mira Glasser (Rhetoric and Media Studies)
Queering the Self in Illness: Katherine Mansfields to Katherine Mansfields essay

2017-18 Recipients:

Eva Gellman (English Studies) “The Slipperiness of the Sublime in Eavan Boland’s “The Woman Who Turns Herself Into A Fish.’” essay

Mikay Parsons (Psychology)“Cultural Intelligibility and the Policing of Gender: The Tension Between Butler’s Theory of Performativity and Personal Experience.” essay

2016-17 Recipients:

Erin Keoppen (Rhetoric & Media Studies)             “Wild Words: Space, Place and Gender in Tamil Feminist Poetry and Prose.” essay

Sully Pujol (English/Hispanic Studies)                    “‘Beauty is Truth, Truth Art(ifice)’: Female Creative Agency in John Keats’s Isabella, Lamia, and The Eve of St. Agnes.” senior seminar paper

2015-16 Recipients:

Angie Epifano (Art History)
“A Veiled Revolution: The Photographs of Angèle Etoudi Essamba”

Eva Goellner (Rhetoric & Media Studies) “Problematizing “Strong”: Why the Strong Female Character is No Longer Enough.”

2014-15 Recipients:

Annabel Saliba Carroll (English)
“The Roles of Illness in the Works of Virginia Woolf.”essay

Emma Post (English)
“We Begin Our Tour of the Female Muse.” poetry 

2013-14 Recipients:

 Laura Houlberg (Environmental Studies),
“Exclusive Environments: Transmisogyny in U.S. Environmentalism.” senior thesis

  Gus Wolff (Political Science),
 “A Kind of Love: A Decade of Camp and Me.” essay 

  2012-13 Recipients:

 Eline Leemans (Sociology/Anthropology)
“Crafting Reproductive Rights Through Social Practice Art.” senior thesis

 Faolán Thompson (History),
“Quiet Anxiety: Women, Domesticity, and Confinement.” essay

 2011-12 Recipients:

Kemiyondo Coutinho (Theatre/Rhetoric and Media Studies) 
“Kawuna…You’re It.” original one-woman play

Kathern Kucera (Sociology/Anthropology)
“A Case for the Radical Potential of a Cyborg Poet.” essay

2010-11 Recipients:

Rhiannon Troutman (Sociology/Anthropology)
“Transitions of Crisis: Building ‘Home’ for Transgender Youth Transitioning Out of Foster Care.” senior thesis 

Arielle White (Biology)
“Redefining Cultural Citizenship to Escape Patriarchal Politics.” senior seminar paper

2009-10 Recipients:

William Haines (English)
“Fluidity: Gender, Bodily Fluids and the Grotesque Language of Alexander Pope.” senior seminar paper

 Maile Speakman  (Sociology/Anthropology)
“No Hay Manera Apagar el Ocio (They Can’t Stop the Leisure): Queer and Countercultural Space in Contemporary Havana.” senior thesis  

 2008-09 Recipients:

Kimberly Fanshier (Theatre)
“Bad Hour.” original play

Kacie Dalziel (Sociology/Anthropology)
“Long Live the King! Gender Performance and the Politics of Drag Kings.” senior thesis



Thank you to Dorothy Berkson’s family, friends, and colleagues, whose generous contributions have made this award possible