Vern Rutsala American Academy of Poetry Prize

The American Academy of Poets is a national nonprofit organization devoted to stimulating interest in American Poetry through fellowships and public programs. The Poetry Prize Contest is held at 177 undergraduate institutions annually. The results are also reported to the Academy and all the winners will be listed in the summer issue of the Academy’s journal, American Poet.



Sheyla Dorantes, “My Recent Search History”

Marc-Anthony Valle, “Chicken Stewards” (Honorable Mention)



Devin Poleyumptewa, “There is no word ‘Ahwatukee in the Crow language” (Prize Winner)

Ailish Duff, “In the Dream” (Honorable Mention)



Ben Virgin, “Cow” (Prize Winner)

Skyler Pia, “A Plaster Cast” (Honorable Mention)

Lucas Martinez, “Duerme Negrito” (Honorable Mention)



Yumi Wilson, “Ghost, Flower, Fish” (Prize Winner)

Virginia Swenson, “In Spring” (Honorable Mention)



Eva Gellman, “I Wish I had One Hundred Eves” (Prize Winner)

Emily Reynolds. “A Terminus” (Honorable Mention)



Shannon Williams, “Palliative” (Prize Winner)

Vincent Singer, “With Kathryn and Helen” (Honorable Mention)



Nathaniel Lammers, “Eighteen” (Prize Winner)

Morgan Jones, “These Blackberry Thickets”; “The Pear”; “The article is about the impression of red lozenges” (Honorable Mention)



Kaiya Gordon, “Self Portrait (So Much Depends)”; “Checking in with Kaiya”; and “City of 10,000 Buddhas” (Prize Winner)

Annabel Carroll, “To an Icon”; “Annabel Lee”; “Not a Very Bad Mistake” (Honorable Mention)



Talal Gedeon Achi, “Scrutiny and Resistentialism at a Supermarket in the West Hills of Portland” (Prize Winner)

Sara Balsom, “The Ash Tree Brings You a Sister” (Prize Winner)

Laura Blum, “To My Medication” (Honorable Mention)

Laura Houlberg, “Thoughts from the Pink Lake in Esperance, Australia” (Honorable Mention)



Malinee Smith, “Seventeen in the Sierra Nevadas” (Prize Winner)

Heather Spurling, “On a Train to Cinque Terre” (Honorable Mention)



Molly Dickinson, “Great Blue Heron, Dance With Me” (Prize Winner)

Garrett Chavis, (Honorable Mention)

Claire Burdick, “Tops and Pots” (Honorable Mention)



Emma Towne, “Discourse” (Prize Winner)

Sophia Diaz, “Fifteen minutes left of soccer practice and I find the viewmaster on the backseat of the car” (Prize Winner)

Kelsi Villarreal, “Finding My Prince Charming, Age 15” (Honorable Mention)

Catherine Polityllo,” Fifth Grade Teacher” (Honorable Mention)



Patrick Phillips, “Blue Hawaii” (Prize Winner)



Lewis George Feuer, “I’ll Start this Way” (Prize Winner)

Ben Bateman, “Putting the THE Back in Theopolis” (Honorable Mention)

Isobel Crittenden, “A Short History of Enlightenment” (Honorable Mention)

Michale Rae, “All Things You Can’t Touch” (Honorable Mention)



Stephanie Elliott, “What the Tattoo Artist Said” (Prize Winner)

Corey van Landingham, “Sturgeon” (Honorable Mention)



Caleb Seppala, “At the Far End of the Beach in Menemsha” (Prize Winner)

Crystal Willer (Honorable Mention)

Nicole O’Bryant, “Among the Plants” (Honorable Mention)



Ryan Bruno, “Cypress Trees” (Prize Winner)

Caitlyn Tyler, “Last November, Standing Out Back With My Brother” (Prize Winner)

James Lindsay (Honorable Mention)

Rob Hopkinson, “An Elegy for Three Towns” (Honorable Mention)