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After Lewis & Clark

What do you do with an English major?

We’re proud to say that our graduates are a diverse group!

Some of our majors enter the teaching profession — often after completing a Masters or PhD.

Many are pursuing graduate school to work in social service agencies, arts management, library science, and law.

Others are finding satisfying careers in public relations and publishing.

Still others are working with the Peace Corps or even creating their own nonprofit organizations here and abroad.

Examples of Recent Graduate Accomplishments

Examples of Recent Graduate Study
  • PhD in film studies and art history at Yale
  • PhD in English at the University of Chicago
  • PhD in English and Theater at Columbia University
  • PhD in English at University of Virginia
  • MA in English at the University of Chicago
  • Master’s in nonprofit management, University of Washington, Seattle
  • MFA in Industrial Design, Academy of Arts University, San Francisco
  • Associate Fellow at the National Library of Medicine after receiving library degree from UCLA
  • MPA at Evans School of Public Policy and Management at University of Washington, Seattle after a Fulbright in China
  • Graduate study at Yale’s Institute of Sacred Music
  • Columbia University Publishing Program