Mila Pruiett ?22, in front of a massive tree, a subject of her studies.

Biology Student Explores the Forests of the Future

Mila Pruiett BA ’22 has earned funding from the American Conifer Society to support her senior thesis on regeneration in urban and rural parks. The research will grow out of Pruiett’s prior lab work related to old-growth conifer forests.

“Spiderwoman” Sits Down with Big Biology Podcast

Biology professor and spider expert Greta Binford is the featured guest on the latest Big Biology podcast! Listen to the episode to hear Greta answer the question of whether venom use is based on body size, and how venom from Spiderman applies to this question.
Julia Huggins BA '13 at the Lynn Canal, Alaska.

Biogeochemist Julia Huggins Awarded Vanier Scholarship

Julia Huggins BA ’13 has been awarded the Vanier Scholarship to continue her PhD in biogeochemistry at the University of British Columbia, where she is the chief scientist of the oceanography research program. The scholarship will fund her research on oxygen loss in the oceans and the environmental impact of marine microorganisms.

Savage and Lokey Awards Celebrate Outstanding Faculty

Both the David Savage Award and the Lorry Lokey Awards prioritize and celebrate inspirational leadership, rigorous scholarship, and creative accomplishments in the classroom and in the broader academic community. This year’s awards recognize four Lewis & Clark faculty members from the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities for their excellence.

Changes to Biology Curriculum

The Biology department is delighted to announce three new introductory courses for the major.

Women in the Sciences Highlghted at the October Board Meeting

Professors and students spoke to trustees about the the leadership and success of women in the sciences at Lewis & Clark

NIH supports Wormland, too

NIH AREA Award to Dr. Greg Hermann’s research program
Professor of Biology Greg Hermann and Beverly Rabbitts '06 microinject a worm to alter its gene e...

National Science Foundation Invests (Again) in “Wormland”

Biology professor Greg Hermann has been awarded a nearly half-million dollar grant from the National Science Foundation, his third NSF grant since joining Lewis & Clark. His three-year project on the development of lysosome-related organelles in nematodes will engage between 25 and 55 undergraduates each year in mentored, investigative, and original research.

Professors Bring Science to the Pubs, and the Public

On August 16, Associate Professor of Psychology Erik Nilsen will be the featured guest at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry’s popular Science Pub Series. Nilsen’s talk is entitled, “Melding Digital and Tangible Toys to Support Creative Play for Preschoolers.”

Assistant Professor of Biology Tamily Weissman-Unni Wins Major NSF Award

The pursuit of a better understanding of how the brain grows and functions is the goal of Tamily Weissman-Unni’s research laboratory. Now Weissman has been named a recipient of a National Science Foundation CAREER award that will support her research and teaching over the next five years.

Nervous System Development in Zebrafish Embryos

Murdock Grant for Tamily Weissman’s work with zebrafish. 

Plant and Oomycete Diversity

NSF Grant for Margaret Metz’s project, “Dynamical interactions between plant and oomycete biodiversity in a temperate forest.”

Life Sciences Renewal grant from the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust awarded to Dr. Weissman’s lab

Investigating the role of programmed cell death in the developing zebrafish hindbrain

Private University Products & News Magazine features Kellar Autumn

The inter-disciplinary approaches that frame his teaching and scholarship flourish at Lewis & Clark in an environment that fosters creative thinking in curriculum development and innovative pedagogical approaches.
Alex Young ?15

Student discovers new species, auctions naming opportunity

With funding from the National Science Foundation, Alex Young ’15 spent his summer immersed in the forests of eastern Kansas. A typical day of his research internship—pursued after deriving inspiration from a book recommended by William Swindells Sr. Professor of Natural Sciences Paulette Bierzychudek—included climbing trees and collecting moss and lichen samples for later laboratory study.

Alumna publishes undergraduate research in Zoology journal

A biology and mathematics double major, Kristen Crandell B.A. ’09 has published her undergraduate research as the cover story in the journal Zoology.

Popular Mechanics, National Geographic highlight professor’s work with geckos

Popular Mechanics recently turned to Professor of Biology Kellar Autumn to describe how geckos stick to walls and ceilings, and to explain what that understanding means for the future of manufacturing.

Professor lends unique perspective to Science Friday

Greta Binford, associate professor of biology and renowned researcher of venomous spiders, recently appeared on a special Portland edition of Science Friday. The Public Radio International program—heard weekly by more than a million listeners—first featured Binford’s arachnid expertise in 2007.

Alumnus honored for contributions to science education

Charlie Morgan B.A. ’08, a graduate student in the chemistry and chemical biology Ph.D. program at the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF), recently won one of the school’s public service awards for outstanding service to the community.
Benjamin Hoffman B.A. ?13

National Science Foundation honors five alumni for leadership potential

Five Lewis & Clark alumni received prestigious National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowships for demonstrating promise as leaders in their fields.
Reuben Peterson ?14 and Amaya Lucas ?15 conduct research with holographic optical tweezers.

Students present research findings at Northwest conference

Lewis & Clark students presented a diverse array of research findings to an audience of more than 500 people at the Murdock College Science Research Program’s recent Conference on Undergraduate Research.

Biology professor honored for work to advance science education

Gary Reiness, associate dean and professor of biology, has been named a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).
Micah Depper B.A. ?10

Alumni Profile: Micah Depper B.A. ’10

Meet Micah Depper B.A. ’10, a biology major.

Powerful microscope provides new focus for sciences

With a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), Lewis & Clark has acquired a laser scanning confocal microscope for research use by students and faculty in the biology, chemistry, and physics departments.

Powerful microscope provides new focus for sciences

With a grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF), Lewis & Clark has acquired a laser scanning confocal microscope for research use by students and faculty in the biology, chemistry, and physics departments.

Search for tenure-track professor with expertise in plant biology

The Biology Department is undergoing a search for a new tenure-track professor with expertise in plant biology.

NSF Grant Broadens Research & Training Capabilities at LC

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded Lewis & Clark College a $306,119 grant to purchase a laser scanning confocal microscope (LSCM).

Students investigate the effects of invasive plant species removal

Michelle Garfias ’15 and Janel Hull ’15 worked with Paulette Bierzychudek, William Swindells Sr. Professor of Natural Sciences, to study the effect of removing invasive plant species from River View Natural Area in Southwest Portland.

Professor shares the science behind a super power

Associate Professor of Biology Kellar Autumn is no stranger to the idea that super powers exist—at least in nature. The geckos in his adhesion research have often been likened to superheroes.

Beautiful Brains

A collaboration between a biology professor and her students is yielding stunning results.
Image from Assistant Professor of Psychology Todd Watson's brain research.

New neuroscience minor engages students across disciplines

Drawing together biology, chemistry, psychology, mathematics, and sociology, neuroscience is a field between many disciplines. Its researchers explore complex, diverse questions—such as how the brain communicates chemically and how individuals communicate verbally. In the fall of 2013, this cutting-edge field comes to Lewis & Clark.

New Biology Faculty Member - Dr. Norma Velazquez Ulloa

Get to know Assistant Professor of Biology Norma Velazquez Ulloa, who joins the faculty this Fall.

Senior Profile: Lamar Curry ’13

Get to know Lamar Curry ’13, a biology major.
Molli Bauke ?13

Senior Profile: Molli Bauke ’13

Get to know Molli Bauke ’13, a major in biology and recipient of a Fulbright award.

“I got caught on a sunny day.” Lamar Curry (‘13)

Switching positions: Lamar Curry sprints toward the future.

2013 Rogers Research Program Brown-Bag Presentations

Students discuss their research projects during a series of brown-bag talks on Tuesdays in June and July. Each presentation is 15 minutes; there are generally 3-4 talks per session. For more information about projects see project descriptions.
Laura Bogar B.A. ?12

National Science Foundation honors alumni for leadership potential

Two Lewis & Clark alumni received prestigious National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowships for demonstrating promise as leaders in their fields.

Junior honored with Goldwater science award

Kyla Hamling ’14 received a prestigious science scholarship for her exceptional work in biology. Hamling is one of 271 students to earn Barry M. Goldwater Scholarships this spring, from a field of 1,107 applicants nationwide.

Peter Kennedy Awarded Research Grant

Peter Kennedy, Assistant Professor of Biology, awarded a $54,022 research grant by the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust Life Sciences Research Program.

Summer Opportunity: Storytelling in the Coffee Lands of Indonesia

Looking for an international summer opportunity? Join Mary Beeker ‘00 for a immersion course in the “coffeelands” of Indonesia.
Weissman-Unni holds a small tank of zebrafish. Weissman-Unni?s neurobiology training focused on m...

Tamily Weissman-Unni and the Amazing Technicolor Brain

By Geoff Koch
Photos by Steve Hambuchen

Lewis & Clark awarded $30,000 from M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust

Lewis & Clark has been awarded two $30,000 Start-up research grants from the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust

Biology professor publishes friction research

Professor and Chair of Biology Kellar Autumn—a preeminent scholar in the field of gecko adhesion—has gained further distinction with the publication of a recent study.
Anne Bentley guides students working in a lab.

Science Starts

Professors share the influences on their careers.
Gary Reiness

Biology professor honored as leadership fellow

Gary Reiness, associate dean and professor of biology, has been named to the Vision and Change Leadership Fellows by the Partnership for Undergraduate Life Sciences Education (PULSE) program. The fellows will identify and consider how to eliminate barriers to improve undergraduate life sciences education.

Science Without Limits Symposium: “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”

Science Without Limits Symposium: “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”
Professor Kellar Autumn works with students in the Gecko Lab.

Sticky Subject

Biology professor’s research shapes materials of the future.

Cross country runner focuses summer on strength, science

At 7 years old, Emily Thomas ’13 ran her first 5-kilometer race. Today, she’s an integral member of the Lewis & Clark women’s cross country team, which earned its second consecutive Northwest Conference Championship earlier this year.
Kyla Hamling ?14

Summer research students investigate neuron development in zebrafish

Kyla Hamling ’14, Ian Lake ’13, Derek Warner-Reyes ’15, and Leah Weston ’13 are working alongside Assistant Professor of Biology Tamily Weissman-Unni to investigate the neural circuitry of the zebrafish to better understand the brain.
Peter Kennedy, assistant professor of biology, and Logan Higgins B.A. '11

Biology alumni and faculty present at national conference

A team of alumni and faculty from Lewis & Clark will present their research at the annual meeting of the Ecological Society of America in August.

Biochemistry program chair wins award for outstanding mentorship

Greg Hermann, biochemistry program chair and assistant professor of biology, received an award for his exceptional mentorship in biology. The Council on Undergraduate Research(CUR) recently awarded him the 2012 Outstanding Mentor Award in Biology. 
Professor Greta Binford (front row, center) with members of the Caribbean research team

Summer research takes students abroad

This summer, three undergraduate students and two alumni will research alongside Associate Professor of Biology Greta Binford in the Dominican Republic. 
Members of the campus community posed as venture capitalists to quiz students about product desig...

Technologies of the Future

Do you understand the mechanics behind a selfclamping ski boot? Or why hydrophobic kale wax might make a good hair spray? You would if you’re enrolled in Technologies of the Future, a new joint offering of the biology and chemistry departments.
The Lewis & Clark team includes (left to right) Professor Paulette Bierzychudek, Sabina Blizz...

Students partner with parks department on forest recovery project

In an effort to keep English ivy at bay and turn 146 acres of land into a fully functioning forest, Lewis & Clark students teamed up with Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) to conduct research on the forest recovery process.

FOLLOW: Domincan Republic Twitter and Blog

Follow Dr. Greta Binford, 3 Lewis and Clark undergraduates and 2 alumni as they embark on a two month expedition to collect arachnids in the Dominican Republic. They will update a twitter page and a blog in the field via a wireless satellite hotspot.

Lewis & Clark receives $1 million for science education

Improving the quality of science education is a top national priority, as seen in President Obama’s commitment to prepare 100,000 new science, technology, engineering, and math teachers in the next decade. Now Lewis & Clark will be an integral part of this challenge, with the receipt of a $1 million grant to improve the quality of K-12 science education in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

New Zealand Overseas Program

Professor Herman shares pictures and thoughts during the Spring 2012 New Zealand Overseas Program.

Join our Summer Reading Group featuring “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” written by 2012 Symposium Keynote Speaker, Dr. Lisa Randall

“Knocking on Heaven’s Door” not only provides clarity in the new explorations in Physics and Cosmology but also presents a rousing defense of the science in our lives and how is it interfaces with the world. We feel this book merits discussion so we would like to invite you  join our Summer Reading Group.  If your are interested, the L & C bookstore is now offering a great deal - 40% the list price for students and faculty. 
Logan Massie Higgins ?11

National Science Foundation honors alumni for leadership potential

Two Lewis & Clark alumni received prestigious National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowships for demonstrating promise as leaders in their fields.
Maelia DuBois ?12

Fulbright program honors three from Lewis & Clark

Three Lewis & Clark seniors will spend the next year teaching around the world after receiving prestigious awards from the Fulbright Program.

Tamily Weissman-Unni Receives Murdock Life Sciences Grant

Tamily Weissman-Unni Receives Murdock Life Sciences Grant
Professor Kellar Autumn works with a student in the gecko lab.

Focus on science

Faculty-student collaboration leads to innovation in the classroom and beyond.

Weissman - Photos Featured Around the Web

Tamily Weissman-Unni’s photos have been featured in “picture shows”.

NSF Awards Special Creativity Extension to Kellar Autumn

NSF awards Special Creativity Extension to Kellar Autumn

Dean’s List for Fall 2011

Students who have been named to the Dean’s List for Fall 2011.

Alumnus honored as mobile health innovator of the year

Isaac Holeman ’09 is a winner of the Top 11 in 2011 Innovators Challenge, which recognizes professionals who have used mobile technology in innovative ways to improve health systems and outcomes in remote areas of the world.

New NSF RUI Grant to Greg Hermann

The National Science Foundation recently awarded the College $413,345 in support of Greg Hermann’s project, “RUI-Investigating the Mechanism of GLO-1 Rab Function in C. Elegans Lysosome-related Organelle Biogenesis.”
Greta Binford, 2011 Oregon Professor of the Year, talks with students

2011’s top teacher

Greta Binford honored as Oregon Professor of the Year

Spider named in honor of biology professor

Professor Greta Binford, an expert in venomous spiders, now shares her name with a newly discovered species.
Krissy Lyon ?12

Summer vacation in a science lab

Krissy Lyon ’12 is one of many students who spent the summer conducting scientific research.

Fall 2011 Newsletter (pdf)

Department of Biology Fall 2011 newsletter for new and returning students.

Faculty Profile on Tamily Weissman-Unni

2011-2012 Faculty Profile Q&A
Associate Professor of Biology Greta Binford

Biology professor receives NSF grant to conduct spider research in Caribbean

Professor Greta Binford has received a $133,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to study the creation of a biodiversity hotspot in the Caribbean.
Associate Professor of Biology Greta Binford

Biology professor brings spider expertise to PBS and children’s literature

Professor Greta Binford shares her knowledge of venomous spiders in a new children’s book and on an episode of Nova, airing February 23.
Professor Kellar Autumn working with students

Professor Autumn discusses biomimicry on PBS

Professor Kellar Autumn discussed bio-inspired innovation on an episode of Nova, which aired on PBS on February 9.
Full story behind this image available at:

The Importance of Predators

The Center for Animal Law Studies is happy to present this free and public event.  We invite you to join Predator Defense as it kicks off its 20th Anniversary Lecture Series with a fascinating look at why we need predators such as wolves, coyotes, cougars, and bears on the landscape.

Science alumni honored by NSF for potential as leaders

Eight Lewis & Clark alumni received prestigious National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowships for demonstrating promise as leaders in their fields.
Greta Binford

Professor Binford appears on children’s program

Biology professor Greta Binford teaches young children about spiders on the public television program, “Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman.”