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Asia-Related Resources

Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library
http://coombs.anu. html

http://www.asianetwork. org/

Association for Asian Studies
http://www.aasianst. org/

The Japan Foundation
http://www.jfny. org/

Northwest China Council
http://www.nwchina. org/

Oregon Consortium for Asian Studies
http://darkwing. ocas/

East and Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources
Wow! this has links to news, information, history, culture, economy for all countries in EA and SEA.

Online Guide East Asia (OGEA)
“The Online Guide East Asia [organized by State Library of Berlin] offers information on and access to online resources in the field of East Asia. It covers a huge scale of information concerning arts & humanities, social sciences, and science. [… from] a wide geographical area ranging from the Russian Far East to Malaysia, Kazakhstan and Japan.

The Association for Asian Studies
Links to journals, study program, fellowships, and more. Full access requires a subscription.

Internet East Asian History Sourcebook
Links to documents and websites concerning various periods of East Asian History with a focus on China.

UCLA Asia Institute
Homepage of UCLA’s Asia Institute. Includes department information and links to other East Asia related resources.

Umass East Asian Collection
Links to internet resources on East Asia. To access some resources you must be a Umass student.

Asia Program @ the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
Links, publications, news updates, and event summaries.

AsiaSource: Home Page
A resource for Asia-related issues. The site includes a comprehensive list of links, current events, special reports, and numerous other research tools.

Asian Educational Media Service Homepage
Provides information about media material related to the cultures and people of Asia.

A web-based question/answer service, present your questions about East Asia to a librarian through the web. Registration required, free.

Asian Studies WWW Monitor
A searchable database, part of the WWW virtual library. Requires subscription, free.

Regional Resources on East Asia and Southeast Asia
A dictionary to internet resources on Asia, Southeast Asia, and Asian Americans.

UCLA Center for East Asian Studies
Asian responses to the events of September 11, 2001.

Asian Law Online
“Asian Law Online’ is the first online bibliographic database [created: 1 Jan 1998, launched: 19 Sep 2002 - ed.] of Asian law materials in the world.”

Asia Times Online
“Asia Times Online. The Asia News Hub providing the latest news and analysis regarding economics, events and trends in business, economy and politics throughout Asia.”

Asia Monitor Resource Network
A resource in support of democratic and independent labor movements in Asia.

The Huntington Archive Project
Archive of Buddhist and related work. Includes searchable database, online exhibitions, and links.

Asian Historical Architecture
This database of over 6305 photographs provides a visual history of Asia’s architectural heritage.

International Crime Statistics [Asia]
Interpol’s crime statistics for various countries in Asia, “Published in four languages (Arabic, English, French and Spanish), the statistics relate to major categories of offences brought to the attention of the police in Interpol member countries: murder, sex offences (including rape), serious assault, theft (all kinds of theft), fraud, counterfeit currency offences, drug offences and total number of offences contained in national crime statistics.”

Geopium: Geography and Opium
“Dedicated to the academic study of the geopolitics of illicit drugs in Asia, mostly opiates, but also Amphetamine-Type Stimluants (Yaa Baa in Burma and Thailand for example). Various documents are freely available on Geopium, in French as well as in English: dissertations, scientific articles, bibliography, maps, links.”

Northwest China Council


Japan Society
Resources related to Japanese society and culture.

The Japan Times Online
National and international news.

Japan Press Service
A politically “progressive” site, covering national and international news.

Japan Today Japan News
National and international news.

Japan Focus
Provides “progressive” perspectives on contemporary Japanese politics, economics, and society.

Japan Information Network
Japanese culture, society, economics, history, and a wealth of links to useful sites, with a particular focus on Tokyo.

Pacific Asia Resource Center
This site is sponsored by a Tokyo based NGO which “works as an active catalyst to create an alternative society.”

High-definition Image Database of Old Photographs of Japan
A database of photographs taken in Japan from the middle to the end of the 19th century. The images depict urban landscape, scenery, customs of Japan etc.

Photos of Japan, 1948-1951
“A collection of photographs donated by anthropologist John W. Bennett…The site includes essays and journal extracts by Bennett, as well as descriptive comments on each photo.”

Rekishi mono kyozai
Resources for historical periods of Japan, including images. In Japanese only.

Hiroshima: Was it Necessary?
A web page and paper about whether the bombing of Hiroshima was necessary or not.

Decision to Drop the Atom Bomb
Documents and links concerning the decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan.

EJCJS Home Page
An electronic journal focused on Japanese society, economy, politics, and culture.

Academic Society Home Village
Provides links to websites of Japanese academic societies. In Japanese and English.

Japan - Resources for Teaching and Research
A resource for Japanese studies. Including bibliographies, dictionaries, links to online journals and news sources, and more.

Stanford University - Jguide
A searchable database for a variety of Japan-related issues.

Japanese Prints: the Dutch in Nagasako
A collection of woodblock prints depicting Dutch traders in Nagasaki from 1800 to 1865.



A research tool for Korean studies, includes online journals and links to most anything Korea-related.

Korea Web Weekly
Contains articles and links related to Korean history, culture, economy, politics, and military.

The Korea Herald
National and international news.

NAPS Net Daily Report
News on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), or North Korea.

A guide to socially “progressive” Korean resources. Issues include society, culture, economy, human rights.

Korea International Labour Federation
Labor news, statistics, links, and more.

Korean Confederation of Trade Unions
This site covers labor issues in Korea.

Center for Korean Studies Online
“The Center for Korean Studies Online at the University of Hawai’i hosts several important resources for Koreanists and others interested in Korea. We are home to ‘Korean History: A Bibliography’ [], which lists thousands of recent English-language publications on Korea. We also have full-text archives of the ‘Korean Studies Newsletter’.”

Korean Links
A host of useful links related to South Korea.


Southeast Asia

Reference and Bibliographic Resources
Provides a variety of references and bibliographic resources on Southeast Asia, including searchable databases.

News updates from SE Asia.

ASEAN Secretariat
The official website of the Society of Southeast Asian Nations, includes resources on politics and security, social development, economics, culture, and more.

Association of South-East Asian Studies
“The Association of South-East Asian Studies (UK) ASEASUK is the only national organization of Southeast Asianists in the UK - and the only such national organization in Europe.” Contains news about academic conferences, jobs, and book reviews, and links.
National and international news from Vietnam.

United Nations Development Programme - Viet Nam
Facts and statistics on Vietnam with a focus on economic development, links to other organizations and related webpages.

Khmer Krom Network
A Vietnamese website representing the indigenous people of the region. The site includes search, news, politics, and more.

Hmong Studies Journal
An internet journal dedicated to the study of Hmong history, culture, and people.

Hmong Cultural Center
Contains a comprehensive collection of Hmong-related literature, scholarly research, and multi-media materials.

The Jakarta Post
National and international news from Indonesia.

Phnom Penh Post
National and international news from Cambodia. Subscription required for full access.
National and international news from the Philippines. Free subscription for full access.



National Statistics of Taiwan
Government site containing all kinds data on population, economics, and society.

Chinese Taipei Film Archive
“The Chinese Taipei Film Archive (CTFA) is devoted to collect, restore and preserve moving image heritage of our country. CTFA was upgraded as film archive in 1992. The collection of CTFA has over 10,700 film prints including newsreels, documentaries, features, shorts,8,000 videos, and film-related collections.”

Taipei Times
National and international news from Taiwan.

The Tribes - Atayal
Information and news on the indigenous tribes of Taiwan

Taiwan Communique
A bi-monthly journal which focuses on political development in Taiwan. In particular democratization during the 80s and 90s.

World United Formosans for Independence
Promotes an independent Taiwan, includes a brief history, facts on the country, and links.

Government Information Office-Republic of China (Taiwan)
Information and history, links to reports, including the Taiwan yearbook, government directory, and more.

American Institute in Taiwan
Website of the semi-official US embassy in Taiwan. Includes general information, history, news, links, and more.

*Many of the links contained within this page are based upon information transmitted through H-ASIA.