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College Commencement

Special Needs


Special Needs Ticketing

  • Graduating seniors with family or friends attending Commencement with special needs should contact the Commencement Coordinator by completing the online form below.
  • Special needs seating will be available in Veterans Coliseum with limited/zero stairs. 
  • The entire family will be allowed to enter with the member who is needing early entry.  However, in order to keep seats available for other families we will need to split the family into 2 rows.

Special Needs-Wheelchairs

  • Should a family member need a wheelchair, please notify the Commencement Coordinator by completing the form below.  
  • Veterans Coliseum will have a wheelchair for each family at the main entrance (Winning Way, aka Ramsay Way) staff will be assisting each family when they pick up their wheelchair.
  • Wheelchair entrance will be through doors CC.  
    • Families with a member who is entering via wheelchair door, they will still need to enter through the standard security and bag check doors.

Special Needs Passenger Check-in and Drop-off for Commencement Ceremony.  Click here for Special Needs Map and Parking Information´╗┐

  • On the day of Commencement, it will be necessary for a driver to drop off the special needs individual and proceed to park the car. Please allow an additional 30 minutes.
  • For ease of arrival at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum, attendees may be dropped off at Winning Way (also called Ramsay Way), which is the street just a few feet away from the entrance to the Veterans Memorial Coliseum. Drivers may then park in either the East/West or Garden Garages.

  • Ushers will assist in seating those with special needs.
  • Doors open at 12:30pm for early seating and ADA families. 
Special Needs Online Form
The submission period for this form has now ended.