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Class of 2014

  • KB
    • 10/14/2016

      Kathleen Burckhardt BA ’14 has finished her master of publishing degree at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, and recently moved back to Portland after a stint at Penguin Random House Canada. She is working as a freelance editor and writer.

  • TC
    • 02/08/2018

      Tyler Church BA ’14 has left his position as a political analyst in i360’s analytics and testing department to serve as the Great Lakes regional data director for the Republican National Committee. He loves connecting with any alums working for or interested in the Republican/Conservative campaign network.

  • SC
    • 03/21/2018

      Sarah Clement BA ’14, along with Micah Leinbach BA ’14, Julia Huggins BA ’13, and Sarra Wynn BA ’14, have launched a nonprofit organization called The BOAT (Bus for Outdoor Access and Teaching). Following a successful Indiegogo campaign, they plan to purchase and retrofit a bus with storage space, solar panels, and all manner of amenities, essentially creating a mobile classroom. The goal is to offer cheaper-than-average opportunities for youth education in the outdoors. For more information, see

  • KG
    • 10/14/2016

      Katie George BA ’14 was a participant in the Astoria (Oregon) Visual Arts artist-in-residence program. In the past, her work focused on realistic scientific illustrations, but more recently, she has worked in pyrography (wood burning), watercolor, oil, ink, and even pottery and sculpture. George hopes to capture the natural essence of a thing and to “remind the viewer of the importance of conservation, of the treasures of the natural world, and of what remains to be discovered.”

  • Maya Gold
  • JS
    • 02/12/2018

      Jake Simonds BA ’14, an actor, writer, and performer, has spent the last year touring his solo show …like nobody’s watching. He’s made stops at Fringe Festivals in New Orleans, Australia, and New York City and has plans to take the show to Ottowa. The show, which Simonds performs accompanied only by a chair, a rope, and a ball named Spalding, explores isolation and loneliness.

CAS Class Notes

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