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CAS Class Notes

Class of 1996

    • 02/12/2018

      Mark Timby BS ’96 and his wife, Leighton Franson, have converted their garage into an “accessory dwelling unit,” a small separate building on their property that can be rented to short-term tenants. So far, Timby and Franson have used it to host a workshop and house their neighbors’ visiting family members.

    • 04/19/2018

      Dafne Wesseldijk ’99, now Dafne Dahle, had a magical year at Lewis & Clark as an exchange student in 1995-96. A few years ago, she quit her 12-year career as a lawyer to start doing what she truly loves: creating, sharing, and connecting all over the world. Although this freedom can seem to bring uncertainty at times, she feels that it is better to rise with a smile in your heart than to wake up with a knot in your stomach. She doesn’t have a partner nor any children, but there is an abundance of love in her life, and she is allowed to care for and about many, including herself.

CAS Class Notes

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