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Class of 1992

    • 06/28/2018

      Eric Barth BA ’92 and Wendy Barth BS ’91, who celebrated 20 years of marriage last October, marked the occasion with travel through Germany and the Czech Republic. The couple has two daughters, Elia and Annalise. Eric leads a photography and video production team and conducts shoots around the world. Wendy has a successful relationship counseling practice ( They live in Boise, Idaho.

    • The Brightest Sun

      Adrienne Benson BA ’92 authors The Brightest Sun, her debut novel, which follows the lives of three very different women who grapple with motherhood, recalibrate their identities, and confront unforeseen tragedies and triumphs. Leona, an isolated American anthropologist, gives birth to a baby girl in a remote Maasai village and must decide how she can be a mother in spite of her own grim childhood. Jane, a lonely expat wife, follows her husband to the tropics and learns just how fragile life is. And Simi, a barren Maasai woman, must confront her infertility in a society in which females are valued by their reproductive roles. Park Row, 2017. 336 pages.

      Posted 04/29/2018
    • 07/10/2019

      Don Bohn MPA ’92 is the new county manager for Clatsop County, Oregon.

    • action-packed superheroes - your guide to revealing and utilizing your superpowers

      Renne Emiko Brock BS ’92 offers a creative system based on color theory and transformative lessons to inspire people to be their best selves. Readers learn to use color communication to improve creativity, integrity, and fortitude. Brock’s book promises to “develop your superhero origin story.” She adds: “As an action-packed superhero, you will identify and reveal your superpowers and challenges to provide opportunities to demonstrate that your ability and enthusiasm is unstoppable. Be super!” Self-published, 2019. 100 pages. 

      Posted 10/13/2019
    • 10/14/2016

      Mara Carnahan BA ’92 lives in Anchorage, Alaska, with her husband, Patrick, and sons Finn and Adler. They enjoy adventuring in the wilderness that surrounds their city.

    • 10/13/2017

      Sarah Carter BS ’92 moved to Fort Collins, Colorado, in 2014 to pursue a postdoc in landscape ecology. Now an ecologist with the U.S. Geological Survey’s Fort Collins Science Center, she works closely with the Bureau of Land Management to balance conservation and energy development across multiple-use lands in the western United States. She loves waking up next to the foothills and is super happy to be close to her L&C roommate, Michelle McGuire BA ’92.

    • 02/15/2017

      Lisa Cianciulli BA ’92 lives in Rome with her husband and their 11-year-old son, Luca. She teaches English privately, as well as in a junior high school, and she offers translation services to multinational companies. She and her family have spent most of their time in and about Italy, traveling on vacation to Tuscany, Marche, Umbria, Campania, and Puglia. A few years back, they visited Strasbourg, France, where Cianciulli had studied abroad as a Lewis & Clark student. She enjoyed showing her family around the beautiful city.

    • 06/28/2018

      Jennifer Clemente BA ’92 recently celebrated 18 years at IBM. She leveraged her communication degree into a career spanning journalism, PR and, over the last four years, content marketing. Clemente is based in Austin, Texas, and has a home in Whitefish, Montana.

    • 06/28/2018

      Joe Condy BA ’92 is the cofounder and chief revenue officer for vCom, which provides IT lifecycle management software and services. The company, which was founded in 2001, is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. Condy has been married for 18 years and has three children: Will (16), Catherine (13), and Grant (9). Condy routinely conducts business in the Northwest and connects with his fellow classmates who reside in Portland. He was part of the 1991-92 football team that was inducted into Lewis & Clark’s Athletics Hall of Fame in 2017.

    • 06/28/2018

      Craig Coss BS ’92 works as an illustrator, fine artist, and art instructor at the College of Marin in Kentfield, California. He recently illustrated HBO’s The Game of Thrones Tarot (cards and guidebook) for Chronicle Books. When he’s not painting or writing emails, he’s working on a graphic novel about a medieval friar who searches for a cure for the plague.

    • 02/15/2017

      Gustav BA ’92, who got his start at Lewis & Clark’s KLC radio station, became a well-known Portland radio personality due to the 1990s program Gustav and Daria. Now he is rejoining Reed graduate Daria Eliuk on a new program called Alternative Afternoons With Daria and Gustav. The show airs on 94.7 KNRK from 2 to 7 p.m. on weekdays.

    • 06/18/2019

      Jennifer Dimas BA ’92 is now chief marketing officer at Gigster, a provider of customized software for enterprise companies.

    • 10/14/2016

      Chuck Dunn BA ’92, a professor and chair of math at Linfield College, was a one-day champion on the game show Jeopardy last November. On a different note, he traveled to Beijing, China, with the Rose City Trombones, representing the United States at the 18th annual Beijing Tourism Festival.

    • 10/22/2019

      Anne Edwards BS ’92, associate professor of human development and family studies at Purdue University Northwest, was awarded the 2019 Felix Berardo Scholarship Award for Mentoring. She has been with Purdue Northwest since 1997 and also serves as codirector of its Institute for Social and Policy Research.

    • 06/28/2018

      Ruthe Farmer BA ’92 was recently featured in the STEMiverse Australia podcast regarding her work on diversity and inclusion in technology. 

    • 10/13/2017

      Ruthe Farmer BA ’92, who previously led tech inclusion initiatives in the Obama White House, is now chief evangelist at, a nonprofit that serves as a national hub to help all students in grades K-12 achieve computer science literacy as part of their educational experience. She travels extensively for work and fun, and met with fellow Munich program alumna Lori Larsen BA ’92 in Brussels in December.

    • 02/15/2017

      Ruthe Farmer BA ’92 gave a talk titled Computer Science for All at a TEDx conference in winter 2017. Farmer has been working for diversity and inclusion in the tech and engineering world for many years. She is responsible for the creation and subsequent scaling up of multiple national programs such as LEGO Robotics for Girl Scouts, NCWIT Aspirations in Computing, and the AspireIT computing outreach program, among others.

    • 01/12/2020

      Christopher Foeller BA ’92, January 12, 2020, age 49. Foeller was an avid gamer; a dedicated collector of rocks and gemstones; and a skilled crocheter. His gifts of warm afghans were enjoyed by many friends and family members. As a student, he spent time in Japan and Germany and spoke the languages of those countries fluently. Survivors include his mother, Theresa Ann; his siblings, Jolene, Derrick, and Bernice; and many nieces and nephews.

    • 06/28/2018

      Edgard Garcia BA ’92 has transferred to the marketing, sales, and communication division at SAIF Corporation. He is SAIF’s lead Spanish content strategist (translator) and the head presenter for its agricultural safety seminars. Garcia, who recently celebrated son Evan’s promotion from 5th grade to middle school, believes Evan is on track to be a future Pioneer (class of 2029).

    • 10/14/2017

      Edgard García BA ’92 is celebrating 31+ years of overseas living—in the United States (he is originally from Nicaragua). As a Spanish translator at SAIF, he teaches and creates strategic communication for employers and workers in Oregon. García is also a member of the Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce Latino Leadership Class X. He reports that he enjoys raising a future Pioneer for the class of 2029.

    • 10/13/2017

      Edgard Antonio García BA ’92 lives in Lake Oswego and is an active volunteer at LC. He participates in organizing reunions, volunteering in the career center, and welcoming prospective student to campus, and is a loyal fan of all Pioneer sports. He is raising a future Pioneer (Class of 2029), Evan Antonio, who plays soccer and basketball. As the corporate translator at SAIF, García provides clear communication to the Spanish-preferred workforce in Oregon. García travels to Nicaragua, his native country, every two years and enjoys visiting his family.

    • Endpoint: Day Zero: Book 1

      John Griffin BA ’92 authors the first of a five-part space opera, which takes place in a future where Earth is destroyed. One reluctant human survives and begins an adventure beyond the wreckage. Rescued by a family of pacifist aliens, he embraces their culture and religion. A desperate exodus from violence leads to first contact with additional evolved and elder species. Breadcrumbs lead to the rediscovery of ancient advanced technology and an awareness of a much larger conflict. As the shadow of darkness grows longer across the galaxy, the last of humanity must face a conflicting duality. Self-published, 2019. 362 pages.

      Posted 10/03/2019
    • 11/10/2018

      Paula Hayes BS ’92 is the CEO of Hue Noir, a makeup company geared toward people of color. The company was the recipient of Portland Business Journal’s Small Business Innovation Award for 2017.

    • 10/14/2016

      Paula Hayes BS ’92, founder and CEO of cosmetics manufacturer Hue Noir and a Lewis & Clark trustee, has been appointed to the Oregon Business Development Commission.

    • 10/13/2017

      Lori Larsen BA ’92 has been a translator living in Brussels for the past 10 years. She says she’s “been so lucky to see L&C friends, including Ruthe Farmer BA ’92 here and in Portland and Robert Earhart BA ’94 in Paris so often over the years.” She also feels fortunate to have “reconnected with my father after 38 years, who’s name I have taken along with my own and who lived just up the road from L&C the entire time I was there.”

    • 06/28/2018

      Stephanie McCurdy BA ’92 started a new position as communications manager for global agribusiness giant J.R. Simplot Company in May 2018. (“You may be familiar with their french fries,” she says.) Immediately prior to this exciting new opportunity, McCurdy worked for electric utility company Idaho Power for nearly a decade.

    • 06/28/2018

      Michelle McGuire BA ’92 works as a school psychologist in Denver Public Schools. She has four kids: one is a teacher, one is a college student, and two are teens (high school and middle school). She recently cycled around Ireland with her husband. “Life is good!” she reports.

    • 11/16/2017

      Scott McPherson BS ’92, previously senior vice president of business operations at Core-Mark Holding Company in South San Francisco, assumed the position of president and chief operating officer in October 2017.

    • 10/14/2016

      Scott McPherson BS ’92 is senior vice president of business operations and development at Core-Mark, a supplier of merchandise to the convenience retail industry. McPherson has worked for Core-Mark since soon after graduation, starting his climb up the ladder as a salesman.

    • 02/15/2017

      Rene Ormae-Jarmer BA ’92 is the founder and instructor of the Rex Putnam High School Kingsmen Thunder Drumline in Milwaukie, Oregon. Drumline is a competitive sport involving coordinated acting, drumming, storytelling, and marching. To help finance the competitive season, Ormae-Jarmer has launched a GoFundMe online giving campaign.

    • 12/08/2017

      Colleen O’Dell BA ’92 is a landscape architect and planner with the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. She is also an adjunct faculty member at the University of Minnesota Humphrey School of Public Affairs, where she teaches graduate students in the urban and regional planning department.

    • 05/16/2018

      Grace L. Pan JD ’92 joined the New York City office of Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton as a partner on the firm’s internationally recognized patent litigation team. Pan is a patent litigator and counselor representing clients from the United States, Japan, Taiwan, and China. She is experienced in enforcing and defending patents, trademarks, and trade dress before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, International Trade Commission, various U.S. district courts, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in manufacturing, medical equipment, biotechnology, organic chemistry, electronic, semiconductor, mechanical, and related technical fields.

    • 07/01/2019

      Mark Edwin Peterson BA ’92 writes: “After giving up on being a history professor, I became a librarian and now work at the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library. I have written a couple of history articles.” Visit his website at

    • 09/24/2019

      Beth Anne Pratt BA ’92 and her husband, Simon–along with their three teenagers–moved from Kampala, Uganda, back to Nairobi, Kenya, in August 2018. The family last lived in Kenya in the early 2000s. Pratt still works for Global Health Insights, the company she started in 2008 with fellow alumna Laura Frost BA ’91. Pratt says: “On the rare occasion they make it into town, I get to hang out with our 1990 Kenya program leaders, Mike and Judy Rainey, and eat curry in Parklands. Visitors are always welcome.”

    • 01/02/2020

      Tom Rodhouse BS ’92 is a bat ecologist, educator, and musician in Bend, Oregon. He is a faculty member at Oregon State University at Cascades as well as an ecologist with the National Park Service. Rodhouse is the head of the Northwestern Bat Hub and a lead architect of the North American Bat Monitoring Program. He works to keep the recent rapid decline in bat populations from continuing.

    • 06/28/2018

      Samantha Schoech BA ’92 was recently awarded the University of Dayton’s Erma Bombeck/Anna Lefler Humorist-in-Residence award. She spent her residency working on a collection of humorous essays titled Fully Formed Adult Human. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and twin middle-schoolers and is the program director of Independent Bookstore Day.

    • 11/29/2018

      Dara Singmaster BA ’92, November 28, 2018, age 48. Singmaster was a passionate traveler of the world. She backpacked in Europe, fished in Alaska, and roamed Africa on safari. When she wasn’t adventuring, she lived in Wilmington, North Carolina, where she founded Canada Meds Service. Later, after moving to Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, she worked for Sullivan Insurance Agency. Survivors include her parents, Barbara and Lawrence; siblings Carlen and Ross; and nephew Dominic.

    • 07/14/2019

      Jason Stanford BA ’92 has launched The Stanford Newsletter Experiment. You can read it at

    • 07/18/2018

      Jason Stanford BA ’92 was named “Best Man Behind the Curtain” by Austin Monthly magazine for his time working for the mayor. From the article: “In political PR, playing it safe is often the law of the land. But Mayor Steve Adler’s communications director Jason Stanford was able to bring edge and wit to his boss’ public face, the byproduct of which helped raise the profile of the city. Stanford recently left the position, but he leaves behind a trail of snarky tweets and correspondence that will live on in municipal government lore.”

    • 05/12/2018

      Jason Stanford BA ’92, after two and a half years as communications director for Austin Mayor Steve Adler, is starting work for Hill+Knowlton Strategies in the firm’s Austin headquarters.

    • 06/29/2017

      Jason Stanford BA ’92, who works as communications director in the office of the mayor of Austin, Texas, got his first byline in Texas Monthly magazine. The article, “Bad Girls Get Old,” is about the life and career of Texan writer and singer Jo Carol Pierce.

    • 06/24/2017

      Selena A. Steinmetz BA ’92, June 23, 2017, age 46. Steinmetz was always interested in travel and foreign culture. After graduation, she joined the Peace Corps, serving as a health care worker in the Dominican Republic. Later, Steinmetz studied American sign language and earned a master’s degree in special education from Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. She worked with deaf and hard-of-hearing children as a teacher and counselor. Survivors include her mother, Janet; her stepfather, Jim; and many other loving family members and friends.

    • 10/13/2017

      Pamela Strong BA ’92 is currently living in Islamabad, where she works with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to help further the development of Pakistan. Her husband and 12-year old son live and work in Zagreb, Croatia, where she joins them periodically. The family will be in Oregon in summer 2018 before taking off together for their next post.

    • 09/24/2019

      Mel Toney BA ’92 was promoted to vice president of mountain operations at Mount Hood Meadows in Oregon. In addition to overseeing ski patrol, safety, ski lift maintenance, and operations, she keeps the slopes looking beautiful.

    • 06/28/2018

      Kirsten Udani BA ’92 and her husband, Bobby, are proud to announce that daughter Maya will be attending Lewis & Clark and playing on the women’s soccer team this fall. Their oldest daughter, Malena, earned a journalism degree from the University of Oregon in June 2018. Udani will be celebrating 30 years with NIKE in November.

    • 10/13/2017

      Laura VanZee Taylor BA ’92 has created a documentary film, picked up by RoCo Films, which will be distributed domestically and internationally in early 2018. I Am Maris is the story of 17-year-old Maris Degener, a yoga teacher, writer, and mental illness survivor. VanZee Taylor began making films five years ago when her youngest child started school. She is a director, cinematographer, and editor. Her short films have been screened at festivals around the country. This is her first feature film.

    • 10/14/2016

      Jerry Walker BA ’92, a U.S. Army vet who holds an MBA and a CPhT, is married to Erica Walker BS ’95. They live in Portland and have three children.

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