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Travel Grants

Travel Grant Guidelines

We hope to support all regular faculty members in the College for travel to one professional conference per year, in accordance with the priorities listed below. Because travel funds are limited, requests for second trips in a given fiscal year will be held until after all first-trip requests have been funded, and granted according to specific criteria.

  • Presenting a paper or a response to a presented paper
  • Organizing/Participating on a panel
  • Organizing/Chairing a session
  • Performances or showings
  • Serving the sponsoring organization in an official capacity

Application Process:
Deadlines for applying for Travel Grants will occur twice during the year. Faculty traveling in the fall or thereafter will submit applications by October 5. For faculty traveling during the upcoming summer, applications may be submitted starting April 1. For example, if you wish to do research in June 2019, you may apply beginning April 1, 2019. Please note that you may not use any awarded funds until after June 1st, and you must expend the funds and submit receipts, invoices or other paperwork no later than 60 days after the expenditure.  To download the full set of guidelines, please click here.

Apply for a Travel Grant for FY 2019-2020.


Travel Expenses

Lewis & Clark requires an itemized Travel & Entertainment Expense Report for all travel expenses charged to a College account. A properly completed Travel & Entertainment Expense Report signed by the employee, with all original receipts attached, should be sent to the Dean’s Office upon completion of the trip. See Receipts/Lost Receipts for information regarding documentation requirements.

Dean of the College

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