Student Leadership

Student leadership anchors each symposium, and in many cases, that leadership is acknowledged with academic credit.

With support and mentorship from faculty and staff, student leaders research and develop the symposium themes, invite and host speakers, create panels and workshops, curate art exhibits, develop publicity, manage budgets, and coordinate event logistics. In addition, students also present their own work, often alongside community leaders, distinguished scholars, and professional writers and artists. All symposia offer rich opportunities for meaningful collaboration, multifaceted research, and the use and development of sophisticated communication skills.

  • Anaïs Gurrola BA ’19
    Sociology and Anthropology | Bellevue, Washington
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  • Environment Across Boundaries demonstrates that ENVS does not exist solely in its own academic silo, but rather, ENVS is an approach to problem solving that permeates all kinds of academic and career fields.

    Blake Slattengren BA ’18
    Environmental Studies | Kenmore, Washington
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  • I was pleasantly surprised to find a community that was not only welcoming in nature, but actively encouraged me to seek out opportunities around campus, like the International Affairs Symposium!

    Ary Hashim BA ’20
    Economics | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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