After Lewis & Clark

Symposium leadership serves as a springboard for a range of professional paths, including work as public servants, scholars, teachers, community organizers, and writers. 

Here are a few examples of the work of recent symposium leaders:

  • Helen Guyton ’23 (ENVX/GSS, sociology and anthropology major, environmental studies and Japanese double minor) is a community associate with WeWork in Cologne, Germany.
  • Julia Salomone ’23 (GSS, environmental studies major, gender studies minor) was an electoral fellow with She is now a freelance campaign communications specialist.
  • Annabelle Rousseau ’23 (RWS Race Monologues presenter, environmental studies major, English minor) was an equity, climate, and energy intern for the Multnomah County Office of Sustainability.
  • Georgia Reid ’20 (ENVX, environmental studies/sociology and anthropology double major) studied small business skills with a Native-led organization to amplify the expertise of marginalized voices. She is the founder and principal of Geo Consulting.
  • Lani Felicitas ’18 (RWS, SOAN major) serves as a communications associate at Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO) and is active in Anakbayan Portland, a grassroots Filipino-American youth organization.
  • Kori Groenveld ’18 (ENVX, environmental studies major) was an economics and policy research intern at Renewable Northwest in Portland. She is now program manager at the National Offshore Wind Research and Development Consortium in Albany, New York.
  • Caroline Gray ’17 (IA, international affairs major, political economy minor) is a senior researcher at the Eurasia Group Foundation and producer of its “None Of The Above” podcast. She is also a contributing writer at Arbitror, a publication that features novel perspectives on current events, international relations, and technological innovations.
  • Lex Jakusovszky ’16 (GSS, international affairs major, gender studies minor) serves as an LGBTQIA+ policy analyst for the City of Portland. Lex also cofounded the Oregon Queer Caucus and serves as a statewide transgender inclusion trainer for Basic Rights Oregon.
  • Matthew Wong ’16 (IA, international affairs major, Chinese and economics minor) is a senior economics and policy associate at PwC Malaysia, where he helps public and private sector clients understand the economics implications of their programs.
  • Smith “S.” Yarberry ’16 (GSS art show cocurator, English major) is a PhD candidate in poetry and poetics at Northwestern University. Their first book of poems, A Boy in the City, was published at the end of May 2022. They hope to become a professor of both creative writing and Romantic poetry.
  • Julia Duerst ’15 (MENA, history major, religious studies minor) was Chicago program director for Hands of Peace (2015–18), a nonprofit conducting outreach to educate and engage Americans in improving their understanding of Israel/Palestine. She is pursuing her MAT in teaching history at the University of Illinois at Chicago.