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Fall 2020 Course Information

We are finalizing plans for a successful fall semester for both those of you who will return to campus and those who choose fully remote learning. If you plan to take all of your classes online and not be on campus this fall, please submit this form ASAP. If you have a housing contract with Campus Living, it is important that you contact them immediately ( to obtain information about your options, as well. 

For those of you who choose the fully remote option, this form will not only provide us with information we need to complete class schedules and residence hall assignments, but also contains details you need about your housing contract, class schedule, and campus access.

LC provides many resources to support students both in and outside of the classroom. Academic support and resources are available to all undergraduate students during the Fall 2020 semester, including those students who are completing the semester remotely. Watzek Library also provides helpful information for on-campus study spaces students may use to attend online classes (see “Remote Learning at Watzek”). 

If you will be on campus this fall, you do not need to complete the form. To help you make this decision, the following courses and specific sections will require in-person components:

ART 116-01: Ceramics 1
ART 113-01: Sculpture 1
ART 113-02: Sculpture 1  
ART 216-01: Ceramics 2
ART 316-01: Ceramics 3
AS 156-01: Art of Tea Japanese Culture I
AS 156-02: Art of Tea Japanese Culture I
BCMB 496: Biochemistry/Molecular Biology Senior Research
BCMB 499: Independent Study
PE 101-17: Beginning Kojosho
PE 101-27: Tennis
PE 101-29: Weight Training
PE 101-30: Weight Training for Women
TH 113-01: Acting Fundamentals I  
TH 113-02: Acting Fundamentals I

For further information about plans for the fall, please consult the Reopening for fall 2020 website.