Preparing for Careers in the Health Professions

Medical and other health profession schools are interested in well-rounded applicants who have shown an interest in, and ability to work with, people.

Any activities that help you to learn about the profession, and demonstrate your commitment to service, are important.
  • Experience in a clinical setting is required for admission to most health professional schools.

  • Join Lewis & Clark’s Pre-Health Listserv to be notified of upcoming healthcare-related activities and events on campus.
  • Get involved in Student Leadership and Service (SLS) activities.
  • Take on leadership positions in student or community organizations, athletic teams, or in student and dormitory government.
    • Demonstrate your leadership skills and abilities to work effectively with others on group activities. Letters of recommendation from your activities’ supervisors can be important additions to your application.

Be sure to check the requirements for schools in which you are interested for specific guidelines.