Pre-Health Timeline

  • Freshman Year

    Fall Semester:

    • Meet with your academic advisor to discuss a tentative four-year academic plan. This is especially important if you are considering a semester or year of study abroad or an Early Assurance application to medical school.

    • Get to know your professors and let them know you. They can help you reach your goals!

    • Make use of Lewis & Clark’s academic resources: the Writing CenterSymbolic and Quantitative Reasoning Center (SQRC)SAAB Tutoring, and departmental help centers.

    • Participate in Student Leadership and Service (SLS) activities

    • Discuss spring course choices with your academic advisor before pre-registration in November.

    • Investigate “Alternative Spring Break”. It’s both fun and a great service opportunity!

    • Consider planning a week-long shadowing experience or volunteer work during winter break.

    Spring Semester:

    • Make an appointment with one of the Pre-Health Advisors between November and February to explore opportunities for health-care-related experience over summer break.

    • Write or update your resume. Consider adding or subtracting campus activities.

    • Discuss schedule with advisor before pre-registration in April.

    • If considering a semester or year abroad, make an advising appointment with the Overseas staff.

    • Attend relevant programs on health-related topics.

    • Honestly evaluate your academic performance and see your academic advisor to discuss making adjustments.

    Summer After First Year:

    • Engage in a health-care-related experience or research position, if possible. Volunteer work in a healthcare setting is also an option.

    • Consider the possibility of an EMT or CNA course, if available.

  • Sophmore Year

    Fall Semester:

    Spring Semester:

    • Declare a major.

    • Discuss your plans with a Pre-Health Advisor.

    • Continue to evaluate your extracurricular commitments.

    • Finalize summer plans for research, service, or clinical position.

    • Finalize study abroad plans.

  • Junior Year

    Fall Semester:

    • Decide when to apply to professional school (summer after Junior or Senior year, or later) and discuss plan with Pre-Health Advisor.
    • Make plans to take the MCAT/DAT/GRE.
    • Consider taking on leadership roles in campus or volunteer activities.
    • Make summer plans that build upon past experiences. Consult Pre-Health Advisor.
    • Use winter break for MCAT/DAT/GRE study or volunteer work/shadowing.
    • Begin research of potential professional schools.
    • Continue attending health professions events.

    Spring Semester:

    • Identify and contact potential recommenders. It’s a great idea to write a brief profile or bio about yourself to help your recommenders write the best letter possible.

    • Finalize plans for health-related summer position.

    • Continue test preparation.

    • If planning to apply to professional school in the summer:

      • Begin drafting your personal statement.
      • Collect letters of recommendation to send in September of your senior year.

  • Summer Before You Plan to Apply

    • Finalize school list and complete AMCAS/AACOMAS/AADSAS/VMCAS etc. applications. Medical and dental school admission is “rolling.“ The earlier the better!

    • Research financial aid options.

    • Make sure you have a professional interview outfit/suit.

    • Take/retake the MCAT/DAT/GRE, if necessary.

  • Senior Year

    Fall Semester:

    • Once AMCAS/AACOMAS/AADSAS/VMCAS etc. applications have been filed, promptly complete secondary applications.

    • If you plan to work for a year or two before applying to professional school, update resume and begin process of looking at potential jobs.

    • Contact Pre-Health Advisor to arrange a mock professional school interview.

    • Make time for interviews.

    Spring Semester:

    • File FAFSA.

    • Stay in contact with your Pre-Health Advisor throughout the application process.

    • Develop a strong “Plan B” while waiting to hear from professional schools.

    • Compare schools where you have been admitted.