About Geology

At present, you cannot major or minor in geological science at Lewis & Clark College. There are, however, several relevant courses offered at Lewis & Clark College by a geologist on the faculty, Dr. Elizabeth Safran. If you are interested in geological science, here is a list of different ways to pursue this interest at Lewis & Clark College and/or to prepare yourself to pursue this interest after graduating:

1. Take some of the geologically relevant courses that are offered here, which currently include: Environmental Geology (Geology 150), Fundamentals of Hydrology (Geology 280), Spatial Problems in Geology (Geology 240), and a spring semester section of Exploration and Discovery (Core 107) entitled Conceptions of Landscape and Landscape Change. (New courses may be offered during your time at the College.) The handout entitled “Geologically relevant courses at Lewis & Clark College” briefly describes each of these courses.

2. If you major in Environmental Studies, you can design a geology-related concentration, or area of emphasis, within the major. This could include the 200-level geology courses that are offered, other science courses, and/or independent study work with Dr. Safran. Note that Geology 150 is required for all Environmental Studies majors.

3. The vast majority of undergraduate geology degree programs in the country require a year of math (through second-semester calculus), a year of physics, and a year of chemistry (general chemistry). If you are considering pursuing geological science later in your education or career, you should seriously consider taking these basic science foundations at Lewis & Clark College. They will serve you well in virtually any scientific field you pursue.

4. Summer research opportunities are available on a competitive basis for undergraduates with a science major or an ENVS concentration in science. Conduct summer research in geological science with Dr. Safran over a 10-week period and get paid for it!

5. Student geology enthusiasts have formed a club at Lewis & Clark College. Get involved with “Students for Geology” and generate some action of whatever kind you’d like to see (field trips, movie nights, rockhounding, etc.).