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Earth is a laboratory in which grand experiments in physics, biology, and chemistry unfold and interact. Perched on the Pacific rim, Lewis & Clark College is nestled in the crucible itself, surrounded by spectacular evidence of the behavior and functioning of our home planet. From the blasted remains of Mount St. Helens to the flood-gouged Columbia River Basalts, the landscapes of the Pacific Northwest provoke us to ask ourselves, “Why did this happen? When?” Geological science addresses itself to these questions.

At Lewis & Clark, geology courses are designed to provide students with a basic understanding of major Earth processes while emphasizing environmental implications and regional issues.

About Geology at Lewis & Clark

Geologically Relevant Courses

Liz Safran
Associate Professor of Geological Science
Geology Coordinator
office: 234 Olin Center
mail stop: 55
phone: 503-768-7690