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College Awards

The Rena Ratte Memorial Award and the American Association of University Women (AAUW) Senior Woman Award recognize Lewis & Clark graduating seniors for their outstanding scholarship. In nominating students, departments are asked to recommend those students they feel are worthy of the College’s highest academic recognition. Please note that a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 is required for both awards.

The Rena J. Ratte Memorial Award was established in 1970 by the colleagues, students, and friends of the late Rena J. Ratte, a distinguished philosopher and a highly esteemed professor at the College. This award honors the pursuit of excellence that Professor Ratte encouraged. It is the highest academic award given at Lewis & Clark and is given annually to an undergraduate of senior standing whose abilities and commitment have combined to produce work which is consistently of the greatest distinction.

The AAUW Senior Woman Recognition Award is given annually to a senior woman of outstanding scholarship, character, personality, contributions to campus and community life, and potential for future achievement. This award is given at colleges and universities holding corporate membership in the AAUW. The award encourages women to become members of the AAUW upon graduation.

The students who receive a nomination will be notified and asked to provide letters of recommendation as well as other supporting documents. The Honors Subcommittee will screen the Rena Ratte nominee applications and then interview finalists. The AAUW faculty committee will screen nominee applications and interview finalists for that award. These awards are presented annually to students at the Honors Convocation preceding Commencement.

Rena Ratte Award Winners

1972 Janice Palumbo 
1973 Barbara Loomis 
1974 Kitty Kladstrup 
1975 Rudolph Byrd 
1976 Paula Youngman Skreslet 
1977 Rebecca Brauer 
1978 Paul Shore 
1979 Mary Louise McClintock 
1980 Gary Goldfogel 
1981 Charles Blanchard, Mary Lemon 
1982 Brian O’Callaghan 
1983 Dorothy Kerzel 
1984 Olga Arseniev 
1985 David Teng 
1986 Daena Goldsmith 
1987 Noreen Nakagawa 
1988 Lawrence Randall 
1989 Samuel Whiting 
1990 Bradley Boynton, Kathryn Libal 
1991 Alison Baker 
1992 Charles Dunn 
1993 Toni VanDeKop 
1994 Sophia Serghi, Kristin Yarris 
1995 Robert Bristol 
1996 Tina Tominc 
1997 Gavin Emmons 
1998 Sienna Horton 
1999 Dan Meliza 
2000 Katie Winder 
2001 Wendy Hansen 
2002 Jelena Obradovic 
2003 Grant Aaker 
2004 Leah Honigman 
2005 Angela Blum 
2006 Kasandra Jorgensen 
2007 Emily McCartan 
2008 Frances Delaney
2009 Conor Jacobs
2010 Marie Lafortune 
2011 Riley Johnson
2012 Ethan Allred
2013 Benjamin Hoffman
2014 Erica Terpening-Romeo 
2015 Katherine Keith
2016 Angela M. Epifano
2017 Katherine Kowal
2018 Katherine L. Smock

American Association of University Women (AAUW)
Award Winners

2000 Annsara Lovejoy
2001 Dayna Kirk
2002 Sarah Kate Gessford
2003 Emilia Allen
2004 Maggie Sullivan
2005 Robin Eisenhut
2006 Shannon Brady
2007 Sasha Stortz
2008 Ramona Baker
2009 Megan Mills-Novoa
2010 Kelly Aldinger 
2011 Sophie Duba
2012 Emily Katzman
2013 Julia Huggins
2014 Erica Terpening-Romeo 
2015 Celestina DiMauro
2016 Ndeye Mariane Diaw
2017 Katherine Kowal
2018 Nina Lea Oishi