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General Education


Over the course of your time at LC, you’ll fulfill a set of requirements designed to ensure that you graduate ready to make an impact on the world. You’ll continue to explore and develop your interests through content-area coursework, some of which might overlap with your major requirements or be satisfied on overseas programs.

Sample courses are provided below in each of the required categories:
  • Bibliographic Research and Writing

    • Ecology
    • Music and Social Justice
    • Indian Philosophy
    • Medieval Christianity
    • City and Society
  • Historical Perspectives

    • Greek Myth and Religion
    • From Scroll to Codex: Working With Medieval Manuscripts
    • Borderlands: U.S.-Mexico Border, 16th Century to Present
    • Prophets, Seekers, and Heretics: U.S. Religious History
  • Creative Arts

    • Photography I
    • The Art of the Novel
    • Stage Makeup
    • Electronic Music
    • The Documentary Form
  • Natural Sciences

    • Perspectives in Nutrition
    • Climate Science
    • The Physics of Music
    • Cognitive Neuroscience
  • Culture, Power, and Identity

    • Pre-Columbian Art
    • Radical Political Economics
    • Environmental Engagement
    • Genders and Sexuality in U.S. Society
    • Digital Media and Society
  • Physical Education and Well-Being

    • Skiing/Snowboarding
    • Varsity Basketball
    • Wilderness Leadership
    • Contact Improvisation
    • Conducting
  • Global Perspectives

    • Contemporary Asian Studies
    • International Relations
    • Transitions to Democracy and Authoritarianism
    • Latin America and Spain: Enlightenment to the Present
  • World Language

    • On-campus options include Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Latin, and Classical Greek.