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The Graduate Research Fellowship Program invests in graduate education for 1,000 diverse individuals who demonstrate their potential to successfully complete graduate degree programs in disciplines relevant to the mission of the National Science Foundation.

Bruce Andrew “Andy” Lee ’84
Brent Berwin ’91
Robert Bristol ’95
David Fencsik ’96
Tina Tominc Saxowsky ’96
Chad “Daniel” Meliza ’99
Anne Peattie ’01
Marie Spong ’01
Simon Sponberg ’02
Angela Blum ’05
Marjorie Weber
Amelia Still
Benjamin Ross ’05
Charles Morgan ’08
Brandon Nichter ’08
Conor Jacobs ’09
Katie Holzer ’09
Claire Fassio ’09
Andrea Bailey ’09
Louis Prahl ’10
Laura Bogar ’12
Alyssa Kent ’11
Dylan Paul Smith ’11
Hannah Somhegyi ’11
Benjamin Hoffman ’13
Julia Cosgrove ’13

Where are they now?

Brent Berwin is now an Associate Professor of Microbiology and Immunology at Dartmouth Medical School.
Robert Bristol
 is now an Applied Physicist at Intel Corporation.
David Fencsik is currently an Assistant Professor of Psychology at California State University, East Bay.
Tina Tominc Saxowsky is now doing postdoctoral research at Emory University.
Chad “Daniel” Meliza is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Organismal Biology and Anatomy at the University of Chicago.
Anne Peattie is a Postdoctoral Fellow at University of Cambridge.
Marie Spong
Simon Sponberg is a graduate student in Integrative Biology at the University of Berkeley.
Angela Blum is a Graduate Student at California Institute of Technology.