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Peer counselors at the QRC do not just stop advocating, supporting, and educating when they graduate. They further their opportunity to help individuals and communities all across the United States and the world! Here are some of their favorite experiences and reflections from their time helping the QRC.


Sarah Champernowne

Major: Mathematics 

Years Active: 2012-2013

Learning Moment: At the QRC I grew a lot and I learned to channel my ideas toward projects that make a difference in the queer community and the way people view the place of queer advocacy groups. I also experienced how different everyone is in how they express their sexuality and gender, their preferences, and how they interact with others but. Despite all that I saw how common and universal some emotional experiences can be in the context of all that sexy gender rompus mess! Its really wonderful and should be talked about by everyone! I think places like to QRC can make that happen. 

Proudest Moment: My proudest moment was our inQueeries with English professor  where lots of people showed up, everyone wanted to discuss the topic and everyone was on the same page about the mission of the QRC and how necessary it is! That felt really good to be part of.

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Kerry White

Major: International Affairs

Years Active: 2011-2013

Proudest Moment: My favorite memory of the QRC is the memory of the final closing reception/ceremony in 2013. It was the moment that marked a total culmination of my work with the QRC and was an important moment for establishing the QRC´s institutional memory. 

Current Action: Currently I am working at the Thomas Jefferson School in Concepción, Chile as a teacher of Oral English. 

Contact Information: Follow me @kerrypwhite and email me


Josh Francis

Major: English/Hispanic Studies

Years Active: 2011-2012

Learning Moment: Being patient, compassionate, and listening well.

Favorite Moment: Must be a tie between the training we got regarding trans issues and topics, and the first time a student came in looking to talk. Both were exciting and enriching experiences that perfectly showed to me why I wanted to be involved in the QRC.

Current Action: I live in Eugene working at both an HIV Clinic and a choir. Also, I perform with a circus troupe!

Contact Information: Facebook me and/or


Faolán Thompson

Major: History/Gender Studies

Years Active: 2011-2013

Learning Moment: The QRC taught me how to apply my own struggles and experience to understanding and helping people in different situations.

Favorite Moment: My favorite moments were the times when a few of us left late meetings, went to eat dinner, and just kept discussing the issues that popped up in meetings. We had some amazing conversations that lasted hours, thanks not only to the work we do but the amazing people involved.

Current Action: I live in Portland and am doing a variety of things. I currently produce and host a podcast about gender & sexuality on television called Screen Burn.

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