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Spring 2016 Tournaments


Colluvium – Corvallis, OR – 1/30-31/2016:

A USAU sanctioned tournament, Colluvium (now known as Flat Tail Open) is a great way to kick off the season. It’s located at Oregon State University in Corvallis, OR and we will play teams from all over the PNW.

DIII Warmups – Riverside, CA – 2/6-7/2016:

DIII Warmups is our big away tournament of the spring, and of the year. We will fly to Riverside, CA and play DIII teams from all over the country. Unlike the other tournaments, this tournament only features ultimate teams from schools of a similar size to ours and is a way for us to play teams we might see at DIII Nationals. This tournament is a way for us to play ultimate outside of our PNW bubble and gain indispensable experience.

PLU BBQ – Tacoma, OR – 3/19-20/2016

Always a blast, PLU BBQ is a tournament that allows us more playing time with the teams in our vicinity. This strengthens the ties we have established with our nearby competitors and friends to further bolster a thriving ultimate community.

Onionfest – Walla Walla, WA – 4/2-3/2016 Estimated/not yet confirmed

Onionfest is an extremely fun, co-ed tournament where the Men’s team (Bacchus) and the Women’s team (Artemis, obviously) combine to create a team. Every year, we choose a theme to accompany our new team and we dress up accordingly. Usually falling the weekend after our spring break, this tournament is a must in the ultimate community.

Conference – unknown – 4/23-24/2016 Estimated/not yet confirmed

Conference is our last tournament of the spring and of the year before DIII Nationals. We play only other DIII teams from our region, which decides which team will go to Nationals. The location varies from year to year, as does the date, so this tournament is not yet confirmed.

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