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Kaitlyn Harris 

Home town Eugene, OR

Year  2015

What you like most about frisbee Cutting deep, Bonus if I actually get the disc. Also, frisbee people are fun.

First concert you ever went to Um. My parents took me to a bunch when I was young. I think the first was Crosby, Stills, and Nash.

Most recent concert Macklemore? I think…

Favorite Artemis cheer Shake that assss.

Favorite thing to do at LC/Portland Getting up to shenanigans with friends. And eating froyo.

How you like your eggs Omeletted. With delicious things inside.

Not pictured: Kelly Lammers ’15


Alyssa Rohr 

Home town boulder coloradical

Year 2014

What you like most about frisbee all the fine ladies… And hucking disks

First concert you ever went to atmosphere

Most recent concert blue scholars

Favorite Artemis cheer A is for our… What!?

Favorite thing to do at LC/Portland Jess. And blowing glass. That’s pretty exciting. Oh! And voodoo! So bomb.

How you like your eggs poached in hollandaise… I could nom for days. Literally. Days.

Anything else you feel like sharing Love the hulk.


Angela Parisi 

Home town Seattle

Year 2014

What you like most about frisbee I like laying out in the mud

First concert you ever went to probably George Clinton

Most recent concert Fresh Espresso

Favorite Artemis cheer Roof*** for breakfast

Favorite thing to do at LC/Portland eat at obscure brunch places

How you like your eggs over easy


Sara Clement 

Home town Seattle

Year 2014

What you like most about frisbee the people, the tournaments, & hucking

First concert you ever went to Bumbershoot 2009 something. Possibly Katy Perry

Most recent concert Mumford & Sons

Favorite Artemis cheer Deep cuts, heads up & shake that ass

Favorite thing to do at LC/Portland boning

How you like your eggs if you put eggs in front of me I will eat them.

Not Pictured: Kaitlyn True ’14, Alexandra Grinberg ’14, Jessica Jordan ’14


Sara Stratton 

Home town Roseville, MN

Year 2013

What you like most about frisbee I like everything about frisbee

First concert you ever went to Band concert?

Most recent concert Orchestra concert… (I’m not much of a concert person…) *Artemis loves her anyways

Favorite Artemis cheer They’re all good really, I am not much of a cheer person

Favorite thing to do at LC/Portland Morning runs on Mt. Tabor or in Tryon

How you like your eggs Over easy 

Biggest secret: I went through anger management when I was 5.



Shaun Goodman    

Home town Boulder, Colorado

Year 2013

What you like most about frisbee Going deep and getting wierd

First concert you ever went to Nutcrackers on Nutcrackers…. then Maroon 5

Most recent concert Leftover Salmon

Favorite Artemis cheer Shake that A**

Favorite thing to do at LC/Portland Food cart hoppin and day trips 

How you like your eggs Organic, free range, local, praised, happy, trade free, grass fed, kosher, and with aardvark sauce all over.



Home town Tiburon, CA

Year 2013

What you like most about frisbee Getting to see people lay out and do cool shit, and then trying to do it myself.

First concert you ever went to The Strokes

Most recent concert I seriously don’t even remember. Probably Macklemore.

Favorite Artemis cheer Shake that ass, B****

Favorite thing to do at LC/Portland Bike everywhere! Probably ultimately to a bar.

How you like your eggs I like my eggs like I like my cutters: poached


 Helen Mead AKA “Melen Head”

Year: 2013

Height: 5’ 3 1/2”

Hometown: Orinda, CA

Kitchen Utensil: ice cream scoop cause we all scream for ice cream!

Favorite frisbee memory: On the drive up to chico when Dharma agreed to marry me!


Name: Hannah “DC” Louis

Year: 2012

Height: 5’4”

Hometown: San Rafael, California

Secret: I like to eat tomatoe sauce on everything or just by its self.

Kitchen utensil: A kitchen aid because they make everything easier the in kitchen


Name: Molly “M-D” Leonard

Year: 2012

Height: 5’7”

Hometown: Evergreen, Colorado

Kitchen utensil: A wooden spoon because I like to mix things up.



Name: Michelle Tynan

Year: 2012

Height: 5’2”

Kitchen utensil: Toaster are the custest appliance, and toast is an essential part of my life.

Favorite Frisbee Memory: Blasting James Brown and dancing in the parkinglot at OMG



Name: Miriam “Mam” Robinson

Year: 2012

Height: 5’4 1/2”

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Favorite Frisbee Memory: Akiyo’s first licorice jelly bean….. “I hate America”





Name: Allison “H-Storm” Perry

Year: 2012

Height: 5’4”

Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii

Favorite Joke: “Have you heard about the constipated mathematician?” “That’s
because he worked it out with a pencil!”


Name: Steph “StephInfection” Schwartz 

Year: 2012

Height: 5’6”

Hometown: St. Paul, Minnesota

Deepest secret: I can identify people by their fart smell. Not actually a secret


Name: Dharma “DRAMA” / “Gangsta” Khalsa

Year: 2012

Height: 5’6”

Hometown: San Francisco, California

Deepest secret: I would tell you but then Id have to kill you.

Favorite Frisbee Memory: All of last semester with artemis!





Name: Margaret “MC” Williams

Year: 2011

Height: 3.14159

Hometown: Rockport, Maine

Favorite Frisbee Memory: Getting lost in Eugene in a golden toga OR making new friends from other teams at tournaments.




Name: Anna Kristensen

Graduated: 2010

Height: 9’ 8”

Hometown: Sharon, Vermont

“If I were a kitchen utensil, I would be a peeler because I want to see what lies underneath…”



Name: Jen “Canada” Douglas

Graduated: 2010

Height: 5’5”

Hometown: Vancouver, Canada

“I wanted to be the land porpoise at the OFUDGE Olympics”




Name: Sarah “Serbia/SRB” Read-Brown

Graduated: 2011

Height: 5’4”

Hometown: Minnetonka, CHilly Minnesota

Favorite Joke: “Knock Knock” “Who’s There” “Smell Mop…” gross




Name: Kelsey “Coldtits” Colpitts

Graduated: 2010

Height: 3,4,5,

Hometown: Seattle, Washington (is so beautiful)







Name: Becca “stack momma” Fitch

Graduated: 2011

Height: Tall enough to take down “The Yeti”

Hometown: Santa Cruz, California

Favorite Frisbee Memory: “Coming out of the sunroof…at PLU”




Name: Genevieve “G” Stevens  (Coach)G

Year:  Undergrad ’99 (University of Northern Colorado), Grad ’04 (Portland State University)

Height: 5’4”

Hometown: Littleton, CO

Claim to fame: Five consecutive nationals with four different teams.

Important to know: I have not played longer than most of the team has been alive, yet.

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